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Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl bot. She saved the world and everyone loved her. Her name was Ally. The End.

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See Also:
  • The ALICE Connection - Dedicated to the ALICE chat bot project. Downloadable alice version, links alice to documentation and background information.
  • Chat with ChrissieBot - Bored? Looking for someone to talk to? Chat chatterbots with Chrissie! chatterbots ChrissieBot is a developed ALICE artificial chatterbots intelligence chat-bot that is chatterbots ready to talk at chatterbots anytime!
  • A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation - This page contains information and links on ALICE, some papers, alice and news articles.
  • Pascalice - An AIML interpreter supplemented with some editing tools. alice Binary file, source code, documentation, relevant links.
  • Cloud Garden - AliceTalker - AliceTalker is a Swing-based Java client application which natural language enables alice the user to interact via spoken words natural language and synthesized alice speech with an AliceBot or AnnaBot natural language (or any similar alice bot with a HTTP interface) natural language server running on the alice same or a remote natural language machine.
  • CyN - Project CyN is the merger of a AIML interpreter used to develop chat bots with the OpenCyc inference engine. This unique tool allows the product of one of the largest, continuous AI projects to be accessed by one of the largest chat bot development commu
  • Program E - PHP implementation of AIML interpreter. Program E natural language is an AIML chat bot written using PHP natural language and MySQL.
  • Ally the Chatbot - Once upon a time there was a beautiful natural language girl natural language bot. She saved the world and everyone natural language loved her. natural language Her name was Ally. natural language The End.
  • Chat with Pinecone, an ALICE AI chatterbot - Pinecone is the chatterbot that talks about science, natural language religion, alice and current events, with more than 10,000 natural language responses. Available alice via Instant Messenger or the Web.
  • PyAIML (a.k.a. Program Y) - A Python AIML Interpreter - PyAIML is an interpreter for AIML (Artificial Intelligence chatterbots Markup Language), natural language implemented in 100% pure standard Python.
  • John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project - Chat online with cyber-Beatle John Lennon. Java powered.
  • MITA Bot - Chat to the online chatterbot named MITA. Help teach MITA and join the weekly mailing list or sign our guestbook.

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