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  • Games of Life in Colour - Black&White, Rainbow Life, and RGB averaging, by Gunnar Johnsson.
  • Conway's Game of Life: An Illustrated Guide - A graphical pattern database and glossary by Michael cellular automata Hogg.
  • Life32 - A freeware Game of Life simulator for 32-bit Windows with artificial life support for a 1 million x 1 million universe. By artificial life Johan Bontes.
  • Jason's Conway's Game of Life Page - Patterns and resources for Conway\\'s Game of Life and related Cellular Automata by Jason Summers.
  • Golly - A cross-platform freeware application for exploring Conway\\'s Life and other cellular automata cellular automata.
  • LifeGen for EPOC - A freeware program to simulate John Conway\\'s Game of Life on EPOC handheld devices. By Edward J. Sheldrake.
  • Dean Hickerson's Game of Life page - A collection of Life patterns designed by the author.
  • Achim Flammenkamp's Game of Life Page - Collection of resources on Conway's Game of Life.
  • Probalistic Life - Java applet of Life, with the ability to change the artificial life rules producing some very interesting variants on the classic Conway artificial life Life.
  • Game of Life: Patterns, Programs, and Links - Information on Conway\\'s Game of Life, including a conway\'s game of artificial life life library of patterns with descriptions, articles on special conway\'s game artificial life of life topics, software, and links. By Paul Callahan.
  • Game of Life Information - Object catalogs and a blog describing new developments in the Game of Life.
  • 3D Game of Life - An animated 3D generalization of John Conway\\'s Game conway\'s game of artificial life life of Life written in Java, with examples.
  • LifeWiki - A wiki for patterns and general information about artificial life Conway\'s Game of Life and other cellular automata.
  • Game of Life in Java - Java applet by David Laurent. Game of Life in colours cellular automata or Black and White, many shapes
  • Mushroom Life - A flash implementation of Conway\\'s game of life cellular automata by cellular automata Joseph Huang.
  • David Ingalls Bell's Homepage - Articles on Conway\\'s Game of Life and related conway\'s game of conway's game of life life Cellular Automata, free Unix software, archives of Life conway\'s game conway's game of life of life and other CA patterns.
  • gLife - An artificial life implementation using GNOME as its cellular automata front cellular automata end. Like "Conway\\'s Game of Life\\' but cellular automata with a cellular automata totally different ruleset.
  • Mark D. Niemiec's Home Page - John Horton Conway\\'s Game of Life, including complete lists and glider syntheses of smaller still-lifes, oscillators, and spaceships.
  • Gliders in Life-like Systems - An online interactive database of rules with gliders, by D. artificial life Eppstein.
  • Conway's Game of Life Java applet by Alan Hensel - A very fast Java applet that displays a cellular automata collection artificial life of the greatest patterns ever created in cellular automata Conway\'s Game artificial life of Life.
  • LifeLab for Macs - Andrew Trevorrow\\'s Macintosh application for exploring John Conway\\'s Game of artificial life Life and other 2D cellular automata.
  • Eric's Treasure Trove of Life - Eric W. Weisstein\\'s home page about Conway\\'s Game of Life and related CA. Tutorial, information, patterns, links, references.
  • John Conway's Game of LIfe - A simple Java implementation of Conway\\'s classic game artificial life of life. Use stock starting points or draw artificial life your own.
  • Color Game Of Life Visual Exhibition - Explore Conway\\'s Game Of Life in color on the WWW, cellular automata by George Maydwell.
  • Stephen Silver's Life Page - Home Page of Life Lexicon. Life patterns, links.

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