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Lindenmayer systems (or L-Systems) are a way of modelling plants and other biological organisms using mathematics and simple language tools.

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See Also:
  • L-systems - A guide to the theory behind L-Systems.
  • L-System 4 - A program which uses text based instructions (seed computers files) to artificial life build complex 3D objects.
  • Algorithmic Botany - The definitive resource for L-Systems, this University of artificial life Calgary lindenmayer systems site is maintained by Lindenmayers collaborators. It artificial life contains many lindenmayer systems articles, and a full-length copy artificial life of \'The Algorithmic lindenmayer systems Beauty of Plants'.
  • Laurens Lapre's Lparser - Windows software and some information on LSystems and artificial life related lindenmayer systems ideas.
  • Recursive Productions and Grammars - A guide to the rules of strict grammars lindenmayer systems including L-Systems.
  • Lindenmayer Systems in Architecture - Architectural applications of L-systems. Includes background and artificial life methods.
  • Lindenmayer System - Overview of L-systems at Wolfram MathWorld. Includes artificial life supporting computers links and demonstration notebook.
  • A Sketchbook on L-systems - Modeling and visualization of plants using parametric L systems.
  • LGrammar - A graphics tool for Lindenmayer systems in C and Java.
  • L-Systems Tutorial - A mathematical introduction to how L-Systems work.
  • Christian Jacob - A collection of papers related to using Mathematica computers to generate L-Systems.
  • L-Systems Explorer - A Windows-based L-System program.
  • GDesign 1.0 - Generative art tools that create complex 2D and 3D objects computers breeding LSystems, Cellular Automata, and Shape Grammars. Freeware by Umberto computers Roncoroni.
  • Fractal Geometry: L-Systems - Introduction to L-systems by Michael Frame at Yale lindenmayer systems University. computers Includes background information.
  • An Introduction to Lindenmayer Systems - A basic introduction to L-Systems with some colourful examples.
  • Wikipedia L-systems - A well rounded introduction to L-Systems.
  • lsystem - A simple implementation of Lindenmayer systems written in Python.

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