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Researchers and practitioners in the field of Artificial Life.

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See Also:
  • Karl Sims Retrospective - Interviews with Karl Sims and a gallery of his works in evolutionary art and artificial evolution.
  • William M. Spears - Research into Complex Adaptive Systems: Genetic Algorithms (Evolutionary people Algorithms), Neural computers Networks, and Simulated Annealing. University people of Wyoming.
  • Jeffrey Ventrella's Site - Gene Pool, Darwin Pond and papers on Artificial Life.
  • Frederic Dreier - AL and AI resources for Java about classification, agents, ants, people distributed intelligence: references to documents, sites, tutorials and software.
  • Stan Franklin - University of Memphis. Conscious software, intelligent agents.
  • Vasant Honavar - Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory, Iowa State University.
  • Richard Lenski - Michigan State University. Interests: self-replicating computer programs that mutate at random.
  • Alex Vulliamy - Artificial life links and software.
  • Tim Taylor - Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour, University of artificial life Edinburgh. people Self-repairing robots; artificial evolution systems.
  • Kerstin Dautenhahn - Adaptive Systems Research Group, University of Hertfordshire. Interests: Socially Intelligent Agents and Artificial Life.
  • Magy Seif El-Nasr - Northwestern University. Emotions and personality embodiment on computers. 
  • Daniel Ashlock - Department of Mathematics, Iowa State University. Bioinformatics, biological textures.
  • Paul Layzell - University of Sussex, Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems computers Group. Hardware evolution; swarm intelligence.

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