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  • NEF Design, Inc. - Tools for FPGA design and testing, evaluation boards for FPGA prototyping, hardware and system design consulting.
  • CoreEL Technologies Pvt. Ltd - Offers design services in the area of FPGA cad and cam asic pld fpga digital logic design design, Embedded Design, PCB Design and ASIC design.
  • Forte Design Systems - Develops software which aids your ASIC flow from asic pld fpga cad and cam digital logic design design through verification.
  • TransEDA - Developers of innovative design verification and coverage software.
  • Atrenta, Inc. - The Spyglass suite of tools uses predictive analysis asic pld fpga electronic design automation digital logic design technique that performs structural analysis on Verilog electronic design automation asic pld fpga digital logic design and VHDL RTL to detect electronic design automation design problems asic pld fpga digital logic design in SoCs electronic design automation and ASICs.
  • Icarus Verilog Interactive - An Open Source interactive simulator frontend for Verilog electronic design automation electronic design automation and VHDL circuit simulation.
  • About Real Intent - Breakthrough in logic verification. Funded by very experienced people asic pld fpga digital logic design from EDA
  • Innoveda - A merging of design software companies, which creates a complete cad and cam PC based design environment. This includes everything from ASIC design cad and cam to PCB design.

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