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The Fabless Semiconductor Association supports the ongoing relationship between companies and suppliers, disseminates data, and encourages the creation, adoption, and implementation of standards and policies for the fabless model.

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See Also:
  • Whiteley Research Inc. - IC design software for Unix/Linux and Windows
  • OpenCores - Hosts a repository of free, open source IP cad and cam cores (chip designs, System-on-a-Chip) and supplemental boards.
  • STX Cadware Inc. - A software development and technical services company, offering electronic design automation computers tools for testchi layout generation and layout annotation.
  • Tanner Research - Developer of L-Edit Pro mask layout editor and computers provider of computers IC design consulting services, technology research computers and electronic products.
  • Japan Electronics Show Association (JESA) - JESA\\'s goal is to promote public relations both in Japan and overseas to help advance electronics industries.
  • Cadence Design Systems - Provides front-to-back design tools and services for all cad and cam aspects of semiconductor design.
  • AboutSpice.com Spice reference - A vendor-independent Spice user portal, providing documentation, models, cad and cam and literature.
  • AccelDSP Synthesis Tool - MATLAB language-based design tool for implementing high performance cad and cam computers DSP systems.
  • StripBoard Designer - A software tool to simplify electronic circuit design on stripboard.
  • Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA) - The Fabless Semiconductor Association supports the ongoing relationship between companies cad and cam and suppliers, disseminates data, and encourages the creation, adoption, and cad and cam implementation of standards and policies for the fabless model.
  • Capilano Computing - Provides the DesignWorks line of schematic capture and cad and cam simulation tools.
  • Aucotec AG - Provides Engineering Base, ELCAD, RUPLAN, and AUCOPLAN product lines for designing and documenting electrical plants and process control systems.
  • Interactive CAD Systems - Producers of ProCAD Powerstation 32, an integrated schematic computers capture and PCB layout package for Windows.
  • Magma Design Automation - Magma offers a physical design solution for timing-closure of digital designs in a single iteration.
  • TARGET 3001! PCB, ASIC, schematic capture - TARGET 3001! is provides schematic capture, PCB/ASIC layout electronic design automation with autoplace and route, PSpice compatible simulation, EMC-check, electronic design automation and a large component library. English, German or electronic design automation French language.
  • IEEE Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC) - DASC is dedicated to empowering the electronic design computers industry through the development of necessary standards.
  • Electronic Design Automation Consortium - The trade association for electronic design companies. Has links cad and cam to all member company's sites.
  • Cadstar World - The home page for users of Zuken Inc\\'s CADSTAR tool. electronic design automation Schematic capture, PCB design and sophisticated manual interactive and autorouting electronic design automation from within one tightly integrated Windows MDI application.
  • Silicon Perspective - Provider of the First Encounter tool, whose aim cad and cam is to bridge the gap in the design cad and cam process between synthesis and detail route.
  • Mentor Graphics - Provides software tools and consulting services for electronic computers design.
  • Model Technology - Provider of ModelSim, a digital ASIC simulation and cad and cam computers verification tool.
  • CMP Technology - Provides the CLIP software package for pattern density calculation, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) simulation, and smart dummy fill to improve uniformity and yield.
  • Signal Integrity Software - High speed design solutions for microprocessors, ASICs, custom electronic design automation IC\\'s, systems, and packages. SiSoft provides a electronic design automation combination of rigorous methodology, expert consulting, and the electronic design automation patented SiAuditor tool kit.
  • R3Logic, Inc. - Provides design services and software for microelectronic systems.
  • Analog Design Automation - Provides software for analog/mixed-signal synthesis utilizing intelligent systems techniques.
  • ECT International Inc - Produces promis-e software for control system design (schematics, computers panel layouts, cad and cam bill of materials)
  • Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) - A forum for EDA industry leaders to collaborate cad and cam cad and cam on the challenges facing the EDA industry.
  • EDAToolsCafe - A commercial EDA portal and directory with ASIC, FPGA, PCB, computers and IC design information and resources.
  • Synopsys - Provides tools and services for digital system-on-chip design.
  • Novas Software - Provider of design comprehension and automated debug solutions for engineers computers of complex ICs, embedded systems and SoCs.
  • Ansoft Corporation - Offers EDA software used in high performance component, cad and cam cad and cam circuit, and system design.
  • OpenEDA - Mission is to accelerate design technology innovation through the open cad and cam exchange of source code and peer review by in-house developers, cad and cam commercial developers, and academia.
  • GPL Electronic Design Automation (gEDA) - An open-source effort to develop a suite of electronic design automation design tools. Currently offers schematic capture and electronic design automation simulation tools.
  • Design Workshop Technologies Inc. - Provider of the dw-2000 physical IC layout tool computers (layout editor, computers DRC, LVS).

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