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Pro/ENGINEER is a 3D parametric solid modeling CAD package. The parametric features make modeling flexible, as models are able to change based on the modification of their parent parts and assemblies. Pro/E is a high end manufacturing CAD system that can range in price from a few thousand per seat for Foundation to $40k per seat with all the options. Modules include parts, assemblies, drawings, sheetmetal, surfacing, NC, piping, cabling, ecad, mold, weldments, and behavioral modeling (BMX). There are a host of different PDM systems to help you manage Pro/E files.

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Parametric Technology Corporation* - PTC develops and sells Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/Mechanica, Pro/Concept and related products.

  • Bien AB - Freeware that improves the look of DXF files exported from Pro/E.
  • Pro/ENGINEER FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers relating to Pro/ENGINEER, created and cad and cam maintained by Pro/E users.
  • ProESite - OCUS Utilities for ProE automation. ProE OCUS benchmark. ptc pro engineer Useful downloads and links to ProE resources, by ptc pro engineer Olaf Corten.
  • Applisoft Europe srl - Developers of design automation software that integrates with Pro/ENGINEER, including computers library of standard parts
  • eDrawings - Free viewer enabling creation and review of 2D/3D cad and cam ptc pro engineer product data.
  • Procision Analysis Inc. - Engineering simulation of computer-designed parts and structures in cad and cam cad and cam Pro/ENGINEER environment.
  • - Tips and tricks for Pro/Engineer and Intralink, organized ptc pro engineer in several categories, and with links to other ptc pro engineer resources.
  • Automation Applications for Pro/ENGINEER - Pro/ENGINEER Automation Applications for manipulating Pro/E via MS-Excel, ptc pro engineer cad and cam Databases and XML. Custom Editors for Pro/PROGRAM, ptc pro engineer cad and cam and in-Session Batch Export and Processing Utilities.
  • Bradley Beach Consulting - Free Pro/E part library, tips and advice, as well as computers commercial consulting services.
  • - Pro/ENGINEER models to download, tips, tutorials and links.
  • Synthesis Engineering Systems - Pro/ENGINEER Tip-of-the-month, offering new tips and tricks for cad and cam all areas of Pro/ENGINEER.
  • - Links to resources for Pro/ENGINEER and related products.
  • Pro/E Community - Pro/E-related articles, newsletters, directories, employment, tips and tricks, computers user news.
  • CFdesign - CFD solver for simulating fluid flow and heat transfer that cad and cam integrates with CAD software including Pro/ENGINEER
  • Etrage LLC - Developer of an automation COM interface for Pro/ENGINEER ptc pro engineer and Pro/INTRALINK, a plot service for Pro/INTRALINK (PSI) ptc pro engineer and related products.
  • PurgeDrive - Software to clean up after Pro/E, removing old cad and cam computers versions of Pro/ENGINEER objects from drives in a cad and cam computers configurable way.
  • 3DLogix - Offers Mentor, a free support application helping with Pro/E ptc pro engineer configuration.
  • Simplified Logic, Inc. - Provides products and services focused on web-enabling Pro/E, for remote ptc pro engineer manipulation and configuration.

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