Mechanical Design CAD and CAM Computers

Developers of engineering based design software for special requirements in industries such as petrochemical, ship building, mining, civil, mechanical, structural, manufacturing, defence and aerospace.

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See Also:
  • CADables - TurboCAD hatch patterns, color palettes, and related resources.
  • SketchCalc - A software that allows to calculate the properties cad and cam computers of arbitrary profile sections, imported from DXF.
  • Engineering Software Solutions - Developers of engineering based design software for special requirements in computers industries such as petrochemical, ship building, mining, civil, mechanical, structural, computers manufacturing, defence and aerospace.
  • Revware, inc. - Feature-based reverse engineering software for SolidWorks.
  • Saga Software - TabletCAD is a computer program for designing medicinal computers tablet shapes, mechanical design calculating tablet volume and surface area computers and producing tablet technical mechanical design drawings.
  • Zetaline Projects Limited - Presents the PipeData-Pro software family for piping designers cad and cam cad and cam and engineers [requires JavaScript and Flash].
  • ProSpur+ - A program designed to create drawings of spur cad and cam mechanical design gears, as symbols for ProCAD+ on Acorn RISC cad and cam mechanical design computers.
  • Autopipe - Software that calculates piping code stresses, loads, and cad and cam computers deflections under static and dynamic loading conditions, with cad and cam computers special features for buried pipeline analysis, wave loading, cad and cam computers and fluid transients.
  • CoCreate - Provider of engineering collaboration software for product design, management, and development, CAD, PLM, mechanical engineering, and workflow management.
  • Solid ConceptMecaSoft - Develops and sells SolidConcept, a parametric 3D solid modeling software mechanical design for creating parts, assemblies and automatic 2D drawings.
  • Ashlar Inc. - Graphite 2D drafting as well as Cobalt, Xenon, computers and Argon cad and cam versions of the Vellum 3D modelling computers software
  • SteelCad - Steel detailing software with packages for structural design, computers detailing, and manufacturing.
  • Washington Softwares Ltd. - Mechanical design software with 2-D drawing support for designing of cad and cam centrifugal fans, pressure vessels (ASME and ISI standards), Gears, clutches, cad and cam and couplings.
  • Enventive Engineering, Inc. - Software for the combination of preliminary design, mechanism cad and cam cad and cam motion simulation, travel and effort studies, critical parameter cad and cam cad and cam identification and analysis, optimization, and tolerance analysis.
  • IronCAD - Solid modeling software for mechanical designers and engineers.
  • freeCAD - A basic CAD program for creating collections of cad and cam computers 3D elements, which can be connected by joints, cad and cam computers constraints, actuators, springs, dampers, or forces for running cad and cam computers motion simulations.
  • Autodesk Inventor - Solid modeling package for 3D mechanical design.
  • Think3 - Produces mechanical CAD software for conceptual design through cad and cam engineering to manufacturing for products in many industries.
  • Sheet Lightning - Specialized engineering 2D/3D CAD shareware for sheet metal design and cad and cam unfolding for fabrication and manufacture. It handles cylinders, cones, square-to-round cad and cam adapters, ovals, intersections and multi-intersections.
  • Ascon Group - Develops software for 3D Parametric Solid Modelling and 2D Drafting, computers with add-ons for motion simulation, photorendering, kinematic and dynamic analysis.
  • Pilot3D - A relational trimmed NURB curve and surface 3D cad and cam cad and cam modeling program, useful for boat hulls and other cad and cam cad and cam applications.
  • Alibre Inc - Alibre Design is a low-cost parametric mechanical design application with cad and cam CAD-neutral data sharing and online collaboration tools.
  • Function Bay, Inc. - Virtual prototyping of complex mechanical systems with the RecurDyn software products.
  • SolidWorks - A solid modeling program for mechanical engineers and mechanical design designers, computers as well as add-on applications.
  • Romax Technology - Develops software for gear box design, dynamic simulation of gear shift synchronization, and related tasks.
  • Autodesk Inventor Tutorials by Sean Dotson - Basic and advanced tutorials on the use and cad and cam computers customization of Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software, discussion cad and cam computers forums and current CAD news.
  • MCS, Inc. - Makers of the Anvil Express software for mechanical design, that also has manufacturing features.
  • SeaSolution - CAD/CAM tool for geometric simulation and design focused at ship computers building and shell plates development.
  • Sigmetrix LLC - Develops and supports CE/TOL, a tolerance and variation analysis software cad and cam package for mechanical design and manufacturing processes.
  • Cadsoft Solutions, Inc. - Developer of Concepts Unlimited, 2D 3D modeling tools mechanical design for cad and cam Mac and PC designers. Supports precise mechanical design NURBS,analytices, rendering, cad and cam animiation and drawing composition.
  • VariCAD - 2D/3D mechanical engineering CAD System for Windows and computers Linux.

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