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Pen drawing software for windows ce handheld PDA, multimedia slide show, thumbnail viewer, and web show authoring tool for your pictures. Palmtop software, web authoring digital camera, palmtop hpc presentation graphics scan handwriting

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  • BizSpeed Mobile Applications - Mobile data capture and management applications for manufacturing, handheld computers process handheld computers control and services industries.
  • A3TL - Offers SMS wireless and ERP integration development and consultancy services.
  • OpenPalm - Open Source project aimed at providing a Palm software development API handheld computers compatible GUI system for small embedded devices.
  • Bachmann Software and Services - Specializes in the development of high quality software handheld computers applications for the PalmPilot, Windows CE, RIM, and handheld computers Psion platforms.
  • Data Concepts, Inc. - Providers of Handheld Management System (HMS) software for accounting system handheld computers integration with Intermec's Supply Chain Solutions.
  • Eastern Data Processing - British company providing software development services for the companies milk industry. handheld computers Specializes in hand-held programming for companies field computing.
  • Abaco - Offers mobile products based on web technologies. Features product overviews and company profile.
  • One Man And A Cat Software's - Pen drawing software for windows ce handheld PDA, companies multimedia slide companies show, thumbnail viewer, and web show companies authoring tool for your companies pictures. Palmtop software, web companies authoring digital camera, palmtop hpc presentation companies graphics scan companies handwriting
  • Mobilisa - Develops software for mobile professionals using PocketPC, PalmOS, handheld computers WindowsCE, handheld computers and WAP.
  • MaxiSoft - Developers of custom mobile software solutions for handheld and wireless applications.
  • Cambridge Computer Corporation - Mobile software and utilities for the PocketPC, including software development a web server, TCP/IP utilities, and serial communication software development tools.

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