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Parabon will buy idle computer time from individuals and businesses worldwide, then bundle and resell it as supercomputing power for business, science, and medical research.

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  • Vevari - Cluster management and embedded programming options.
  • Snapp Key - Web site that describes the theory of grid companies computing. USB companies grid processing hardware for sale to companies make a computer faster. companies SNAPP is a novel companies implementation of grid computing architectural concepts companies installed to companies a single computer program, device or system withou
  • Ubero Distributed Computing Solutions - Manages distributed computing projects, potentially for companies free.
  • Distributed Computing White Papers, Webcasts and Product Information from Top IT Vendors - Research the latest Distributed Computing technologies, tools and techniques. Read white papers, case studies, webcasts and product information from multiple vendors.
  • B & M - Developers of "ServicePilot" suite of tools for analysing and debugging distributed systems.
  • GridwiseTech - Provides details of the products and services to distributed computing help distributed computing customers speed up data processing, remove application distributed computing bottlenecks and distributed computing build scalable systems.
  • Univa UD - High-performance computing (HPC) software for distributed computing environments, including clusters companies and grids, and data center automation software.
  • HP Arjuna Labs - Commercial provider of distributed transaction processing technology, including CORBA Object Transaction Service compliant systems implemented in C++ and Java. Product information and support.
  • DataXtend RE from Progress Software - Provides the data replication tools that software developers computer science and enterprise IT departments need to make their computer science applications mobile and available both on-line and off-line.
  • Base One International Corp. - Software development and consulting company specializing in components for enterprise companies database and grid computing applications.
  • Recursion Software, Inc. - Commercial provider of application server and ORB software, and consulting computer science and training services.
  • Digipede Technologies - Digipede Technologies is the leading provider of distributed computing solutions distributed computing on the Microsoft .NET platform.
  • Parabon Computation - Parabon will buy idle computer time from individuals and businesses companies worldwide, then bundle and resell it as supercomputing power for companies business, science, and medical research.
  • Engage Technology B.V. - Company providing Grid computing products and services to the Benelux computer science market (Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands).
  • Cluster Resources, Inc. - A provider of workload and resource management software and services for cluster, grid and utility-based computing environments.
  • DataSynapse, Inc. - Provider of application virtualization software that allows dynamic assignment of distributed computing hardware resources to applications as they require them.
  • Entegrity Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) - Entegrity\\'s offering of the Open Group\\'s Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) computer science and Distributed File System (DFS)

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