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From global distributed projects like [email protected] to corporate uses behind the firewall, we cover the fundamentals of distributed computing architectures, discuss major initiatives and applications, and talk about the challenges that lay ahead.

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DCcentral* - Introduction to distributed computing in English, French, or Spanish. Includes tutorials, history, and projects.
Distributed Algorithms and Systems* - Overview site with academic links. Hosted at Chalmers University of Technology.

  • Salon: Distributed.outrage - University computer administrator accused of "hacking" crimes, for installing a computer science screensaver that supported distributed computing research.
  • The Distributed ASCI Supercomputer (DAS) - An experimental wide-area distributed computing cluster used for distributed computing parallel computer science computing research at five Dutch universities.
  • QUALCOMM | BREW Home - The BREW solution provides the necessary tools and computer science value-added computers services to developers, device manufacturers and wireless computer science operators for computers application development and distribution, device configuration, computer science and billing and computers payment.
  • Albatross - Wide Area Cluster Computing - A project to better understand application behavior on wide-area networks. Publications, talks, software, status.
  • SecurityFocus HOME News: Is Distributed Computing a Crime? - Article discusses how a computer network administrator faces multiple felony charges and years in a Georgia prison for allegedly installing Distributed.net clients without permission.
  • Distributed Systems - Descriptions, bibliographies, and links to distributed operating systems, file systems, and computing environments.
  • Jeff Sutherland's Object Technology Site - Breaking news on distributed computing, object technology, components, computer science and business objects.
  • Flash Mob Computing - Home of the first Flash Mob Supercomputer and computer science the official site for all things Flash Mob computer science Computing.
  • Distributed Computing Primer - Introduction to organising a distributed computing project.
  • Wired News - Kasparov Goes Bigger than Blue - World chess champion Garry Kasparov -- famous for tangling with IBM\\'s Deep Blue supercomputer -- takes on the world. His latest game uses distributed computing to connect any challenger. By Joyce Slaton.
  • Open Grid Forum (OGF) - A community-initiated forum of individual researchers and practitioners working on distributed computing distributed computing, or "grid" technologies.
  • Distributed Computing: An Introduction - From global distributed projects like [email protected] to corporate computer science uses computers behind the firewall, we cover the fundamentals computer science of distributed computers computing architectures, discuss major initiatives and computer science applications, and talk computers about the challenges that lay computer science ahead.
  • Distributed computing gets a corporate twist - Tech News - CNET.com - "Grid" technology, which distributes computing jobs and databases across numerous distributed computing servers, has largely been an academic phenomenon. But on Thursday distributed computing IBM plans to give the idea a corporate twist with distributed computing its so-called Grid Computing Initiative.
  • The DC Zone - A growing distributed computing community, currently focused on [email protected], Find-a-Drug, computer science Grid.org, World Community Grid, and DIMES, though open to other computer science projects.
  • Mobile Information and Communication Systems - Research on self organizing mobile ad hoc networking computer science technology and infrastructure. Project proposals and publications.
  • Next-gen Distributed Computing - If your large enterprise is like most, about computer science 10 distributed computing percent of your available CPU cycles actually computer science gets used distributed computing -- a fact that is driving computer science enterprises to deploy distributed computing the next generation of cost-reducing computer science distributed computing architectures.
  • Cetus Links: Distributed Objects and Components - Over a thousand links organized by the volunteer computer science members distributed computing of the Cetus organization.
  • An Eye on Grid Technology - Grid computing and grid services portal featuring articles, computers papers, news computer science and streaming media content.
  • The Israeli Association of Grid Technologies (IGT) - The Israeli Association of Grid Technologies (IGT) The computer science IGT is a non-profit organization of leading vendors, computer science ISVs, customers and academia, focused on knowledge sharing computer science and networking for developing Enterprise Grid solutions. It computer science is open, independent and ven
  • IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing - The Task Force is concerned with issues related computer science to the design, analysis, development and implementation of computer science cluster-based systems.

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