Distributed Network Operating Systems Software

Details active project to illustrate use of MOSIX to create clusters of surplus machines that can be used to provide network services, application resources.

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  • AtomsNet - Modular object-oriented application to index files across networks. Has plug-in operating systems type data retrieval system, webserver, peer-to-peer connections for network-wide information operating systems gathering, retrieval; has features of OSs, database management systems, distribute
  • YouOS - Allows running diverse programs in web browser, integrated distributed program development operating systems and management, based on HTML and distributed JavaScript. Descriptions, FAQ, weblog, operating systems forum, developer support, tutorial, distributed policy, contacts. Open source.
  • The Brave New OS of the Future - Brief, simple layman\\'s treatment of Carnegie Mellon University Odyssey project; IBM Research\'s Autonomic Computing initiative; Microsoft Farsite project. [CNN.com]
  • Institute for Distributed Systems: IVS - Researches distributed and realtime operating systems, communication, software engineering. Part distributed of Department of Computer Science, Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg, Germany. English, distributed Deutsch.
  • WebOS - Gives distributed OS services needed to build applications network that are network wide-area, highly available, incrementally scalable, dynamically network reconfiguring, with mechanisms for: network resource discovery, global namespace, network remote process execution, resource management, a
  • AgentOS: Agent-based Distributed Operating System for Mobile Networks - Agent-based communication models show great promise to operate in unpredictable, metamorphic environments, such as mobile computing networks. Excellent basic explanations, clear arguments, well reasoned; from Crossroads, ACM student magazine.
  • Tornado - Object-oriented operating system for large-scale shared-memory multiprocessors. Minimizes distributed data sharing via careful design: often eliminates data distributed sharing even when sharing appears natural. Successor to distributed Hurricane.
  • XOS - Distributed operating system, to be fully object-oriented, preemptively network multithreaded/tasked, event/message-driven. network Little code yet, but design documents network and links are interesting, network useful reading.
  • Plan B Operating System - An operating system that lets applications be built operating systems simpler. operating systems The system selects and combines resources from operating systems the network operating systems semi-automatically.
  • AgentOS - Mobile agent system for ubiquitous computing; new way operating systems to distributed cope with the wide-area, large-scale ubiquitous computing operating systems environment of distributed near future. Allows access to personal operating systems and collaborative computing distributed services anywhere, via varied desktop operating systems and mobile computing
  • V Operating System - Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.
  • Quarks - Simple, yet efficient distributed shared memory (DSM) system; network a user-level operating systems library plus header files supports DSM network on groups of Unix operating systems workstations. Runs on 4.3BSD/M68k, network HP-UX/PA-RISC, IRIX 5.2/MIPS, SunOS 4.1/SPARC. [Open operating systems Source, public network domain]
  • GLUnix - Global Layer Unix; technology trends in high-speed, low-latency network LANs suggest distributed convergence of hardware in Massively Parallel network Processors, MPPs, and Networks distributed of Workstations, NOWs. Relative network to many MPPs, NOWs offer more distributed cost-effectiveness and network scalability, and
  • MOSIX - Software package to enhance Unix kernels (7 so far) and Linux with cluster computing abilities. Lets any size cluster of x86-based workstations and servers work cooperatively as if part of one system. [Open Source, GPL]
  • The V Distributed System - Research OS for a cluster of computer workstations network connected by fast network; structured as a small network distributed kernel, and set of service modules, runtime network libraries, and commands. Stanford University.[PDF]
  • SUMO - Support for Multimedia in Operating systems, Lancaster University: distributed microkernel OS with facilities to support distributed realtime distributed and multimedia applications and ODP-based multimedia distributed application distributed platforms.
  • MOSIX Clusters of Surplus Computers for Providing Common Network Services and Applications - Details active project to illustrate use of MOSIX to create operating systems clusters of surplus machines that can be used to provide operating systems network services, application resources.
  • Hurricane - hierarchically clustered OS implemented on Hector multiprocessor; manages operating systems system distributed resources in clusters, using tight coupling within operating systems clusters, loose distributed coupling across clusters. Succeeded by Tornado.
  • MIT LCS PDOS - Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems Group; research focus: network extensible and network flexible system services: filesystems, networking, languages. network Projects: \\'C, Chord, Click, network Exokernel (Exopc), Grid, Prolac, network RON, and SFS. Funding: DARPA, NSF; network AT&T, IBM, network I
  • E1 - A distributed operating system based on the concepts network of object operating systems replication, component model support and persistence. network It consists of a operating systems L4 microkernel and a network set of distributed objects acting at operating systems the user network level. [Open source]
  • Sprite - Distributed OS gives one system image to/over a networked cluster of workstations, research project, Berkeley, John Outerhoust group; high file system performance via client and server caching, process migration to use idle machines; testbed for research

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