Object-Oriented Operating Systems Software

Next generation, commercial, kernel independent, all object and component based computing environment and OS that users can design to their specifications. Backend is built to run in almost any environment.

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  • SOS: SOMIW Object-Oriented Operating System - Most interesting research results: simple, generic, powerful object operating systems model; the concept of Fragmented Objects to structure operating systems distributed abstractions; developed flexible naming service, dynamic linking operating systems package, library of application oriented communication p
  • MK++ - Mach compatible microkernel; gives one code base able operating systems to operating systems support high assurance, scalability, realtime, distribution, SMP, operating systems fault handling, operating systems performance; all built in an object-oriented operating systems B3 evaluable fashion.
  • Apertos - Object-oriented reflective OS, from Sony Computer Science Lab.
  • Maruti - Goal: create an environment for developing and deploying software critical applications software with hard real-time constraints in a software reactive environment. Such applications software must be able to software execute on a platform of distributed software and heterogeneous software resources, and operate conti
  • Renaissance - Multiprocessor OO OS purely designed and implemented in object-oriented techniques, software to give application programs transparent access to system and remote software objects distributed in a network of machines. OO programming is software an ideal approach for building distrib
  • ShagOS - Portable object-oriented microkernel OS, dynamically loaded device drivers, operating systems fully software redesigned and rewritten many times in C++, operating systems runs on software VAX, x86. Ongoing experiment in using operating systems O-O paradigm as software framework for full OS, with operating systems distributed computing as main software aspect in
  • Tornado - Object-oriented operating system for large-scale shared-memory multiprocessors. Minimizes operating systems data sharing via careful design: often eliminates data operating systems sharing even when sharing appears natural. Successor to operating systems Hurricane.
  • Iguana Project - Investigating use of object-orientation, computational reflection, and metaobject operating systems protocols object-oriented (MOPs) to support dynamic customizing of (system) operating systems software.
  • Athene - Next generation, commercial, kernel independent, all object and operating systems component object-oriented based computing environment and OS that users operating systems can design object-oriented to their specifications. Backend is built operating systems to run in object-oriented almost any environment.
  • Choices Object-Oriented Operating System - Research OS coded in C++, architecture organized as frameworks of operating systems objects hierarchically classed by function, performance; customized by replacing subframeworks, operating systems objects; application interface is kernel objects exported via application/kernel protection operating systems l
  • Atomatrix - Multithreaded execution system of atomic matrices with dynamic software compiler, a software network environment, and an object-oriented OS. software Open source, BSD.
  • XOS - Distributed operating system, to be fully object-oriented, preemptively object-oriented multithreaded/tasked, event/message-driven. software Little code yet, but design documents object-oriented and links are interesting, software useful reading.

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