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New project where we combine Mathematics and Smalltalk. Our goal: explore and promote use of Squeak and Morphic as a major tool in mathematics work.

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Squeakland* - More than any website so far, this one implements the largest piece of the original Xerox PARC Learning Research Group's vision for programming and education. Free downloads: run Squeak from in a Web browser (free plugin), software, program sharing/exchan
Squeak.org* - Free, open source, open research, super portable, new Smalltalk-80-based language, written in itself, by Smalltalk's inventors, the (nomadic) original Xerox PARC, Alan Kay team, now founding the Viewpoints Research Institute. Runs on 22+ platforms, hardwa

  • FTP site: Germany, U of Karlsruhe - Get the 1 disk Squeak demo, like the famous QNX smalltalk demo, in /demo directory.
  • Squeaking - Information for novices on how to get up smalltalk to speed in Smalltalk. Mostly a collection of smalltalk prized mailing list notes, some small hacks.
  • Yahoo Groups: Squeak - Mail archive and discussion group.
  • ThingLab for Squeak - FTP listing of files and Squeak samples.
  • MathMorphs - New project where we combine Mathematics and Smalltalk. smalltalk Our goal: explore and promote use of Squeak smalltalk and Morphic as a major tool in mathematics smalltalk work.
  • Squeak Shares Soar - Handful of Squeak goodies (syntax coloring, Cream font, languages Units, XML parser, Palm OS tools), links, by languages Helge Horch.
  • The Mouse that Squeaked - Medium size story describes early days, hopes, for smalltalk Smalltalk and squeak Squeak. [Wired News]
  • Squeakersweb - New Georgia Tech Squeakers (students) describe their new smalltalk projects, from squeak multimedia authoring to advanced Swiki types; smalltalk and staff list. Funders: squeak National Science Foundation, Siemens, smalltalk Al West Technology Fund.
  • FTP site: USA, UIUC Squeak goodies library - Many system extensions, applications.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to ... - Weblog on Squeak, Smalltalk, and related topics: Croquet, languages Plopp, Seaside, languages some Java, T-shirts. By Torsten Bergmann.
  • Exquisite Computing - By Paul Bissex. Brief article describing Squeak. [Wired squeak 7.07]
  • Tweak - Experimental user interface, possible successor to Squeak Morphic user interface. smalltalk Has asynchronous event architecture, mixes interface models: class- + prototype-based, smalltalk MVC + Morphic. [Open Source]
  • MailList: Squeak MailArchive - Searchable archive of the last 400 days of languages the main languages Squeak email list.
  • Squeak - Hans-Martin Mosner's Squeak resources.
  • Squeak: The Great Return - Descriptions, free goodies, links, and the fascinating \\'Squeak smalltalk Scale: Let squeak it Grow: Brief Comparison of Class smalltalk Library\'. English, Nihongo. By squeak Satoshi Nishihara.
  • SqueakCMI.org - Squeak in education project. Swiki has over 1,100 squeak scripted eToys. languages Begun by Kathleen Harness. Host: Office squeak for Mathematics, Science, and languages Technology Education (MSTE), College squeak of Education, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Who's Who - Fast growing (over 160) list of Squeak's community.
  • Squeak News Electronic Magazine - First, and so far only, E-zine on Squeak. smalltalk Latest information as monthly free email, website, or smalltalk full CD-ROM edition with software. Prominent gurus will smalltalk regularly contribute.
  • Whisker: The O-O Stacking Browser - New object-oriented code browser for Squeak Smalltalk environment: squeak gives simple, languages intuitive way to view contents of squeak multiple classes/methods at once, languages uses screen space efficiently, squeak needs little window moving/resizing, via introducing languages concept of squeak subpane sta
  • Squeak PBwiki - Information and projects, place to discuss Squeak, and eToys and squeak Tweak scripting languages.
  • MuSwiki - Swiki-like system using Morphic objects instead of HTML, pages look squeak the same in any browser, content can contain arbitrary Smalltalk squeak code behind the scenes.
  • OOPSLA 1999 trip report - Offers links on Java blues, VM workshop, Sqeak, world dominance and Smalltalk X.
  • Impara GmbH - Focus: playful learning; technology and products for media authoring, mainly smalltalk for training, edutainment; involves learning environments, collaborations, computer games; multimedia smalltalk tools for school and private use, needing no training smalltalk or programming knowle
  • Swiki Swiki - Comanche an open-source web server for Squeak. Swiki squeak is a popular implementation of Ward Cunningham\\'s WikiWikiWeb squeak (Squeak + Wiki = Swiki) that runs under squeak Comanche. Both Comanche and Swiki are implemented by squeak Mark Guzdial's Collaborative Software Laboratory
  • OOPSLA 2000 Trip Report - Report by Squeaker John Macintosh includes coverage of smalltalk Camp Smalltalk 3 (CS3).
  • Squeak Everyday - Weblog on many related topics, by Takashi Yamamiya.
  • SqueakFoundation - Goal: to assist in the evolution of Squeak smalltalk into its ultimate expression as an exquisite personal smalltalk and collaborative computing environment that is open, well smalltalk supported, and freely available across the great majority smalltalk of modern platforms and operating systems
  • Swikis on coweb.cc - List of over 40 Swikis at Georgia Tech, squeak all run smalltalk on Squeak Comanche Web server.
  • Cetus Links: Squeak - Links on objects and components of the object-oriented squeak language Squeak; languages information on tutorials, mailing lists, books, squeak projects, compilers, interpreters.
  • The Future of Squeak - By Dan Shafer, The WeTalk Network, Inc. Chapter from book; speculates on how the developers get from where Squeak was to Alan Kay\'s final Dynabook vision.[PDF]
  • Swiki about Squeak - Squeak Wiki 2. Mark Guzdial\\'s Squeak Wiki Server, squeak written in squeak Squeak; at Georgia Tech.

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