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See Also:
  • SqueakVM.org - Offers implementations for Unix and Windows with source code for squeak 32 and 64 Bit systems.
  • Squeak for EPOC Project Info - Coded in Squeak, C++; support, contact, CVS; English, ports EspaƱol. [SourceForge]
  • FTP site: USA, UCSB CREATE - Most Squeak ports and packages, home of Siren squeak music system.
  • FTP site: USA, UIUC - Many Squeak ports: old to new; Mac, Unix, Win32/CE.
  • Squeak on the Helio - Port to VTech Helio, with 75 MHz MIPS smalltalk CPU, running PocketLinux: description, screenshots.
  • Squeak VM for iPAQ and Other Windows CE Platforms - How to run Squeak on iPAQ and other ports Windows CE squeak systems: descriptions, links, contact, downloads.
  • SqueakNOS - Squeak No OS project, to run Squeak with squeak no other smalltalk OS under it, and implement all squeak functionality in Smalltalk. Descriptions, smalltalk downloads, news, mail list, squeak CVS. [SourceForge, Open Source]
  • Squeak/Zaurus: ZauChu - Port to Sharp Zaurus PDA; descriptions, many explanations, squeak downloads, links. ports By Yoshiki Ohshima.
  • BeSqueak Project - Port to BeOS: description, FAQ, mail list, screenshots, contact, links. ports [Open Source, OSI]

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