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Program information and downloads: refactoring browser, HotDraw, Smalltalk recorder, progress (percent) widgets, method wrappers, image stripper, test manager, Caterpillar business model.

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  • Jun for Smalltalk - 3D Graphics Library with topology and geometry, OpenGL languages graphics layer software for Smalltalk, coded in VisualWorks. [Open languages Source, GPL]
  • AIDA/Web - Open Source Web application server for dynamic Internet/Intranet smalltalk applications, in software pure VisualWorks is presented with documentation, smalltalk download, screenshots, success stories software and community.
  • Jun - Easy to use, VisualWorks Smalltalk-based, OO, high level, smalltalk application framework and 3D graphics library, supports geometry smalltalk and topology shape manipulation. With references. [Open Source, smalltalk GPL]
  • Lukas Renggli: Smalltalk - Magritte: dynamic metadescription framework to build varied views, editors, reports; query, validate, store domain objects. Pier: extensible implementation of metadescribed content management and Wiki system, in objects. Seaside presentations, talks, tuto
  • Mission Software, Inc. - Smalltalk/JVM, Smalltalk compiler for the Java virtual machine, software lets Smalltalk run on any JVM, makes 100% software Java class files. Business OS, easy, scalable, distributed software application development with VisualAge Smalltalk.
  • John Brant's Page - Program information and downloads: refactoring browser, HotDraw, Smalltalk languages recorder, progress software (percent) widgets, method wrappers, image stripper, languages test manager, Caterpillar business software model.
  • CodeCrawler - Language independent (Ada, C++, COBOL, Java, Smalltalk) reverse engineering tool, smalltalk combines metrics, software visualization; based on Moose implementation of FAMIX smalltalk metamodel, coded in VisualWorks Smalltalk. [free non-commercial use]
  • Seaside - Framework to make sophisticated, highly interactive, dynamic web applications in smalltalk Smalltalk quickly, reusably, maintainably, via abstractions layered over HTTP and smalltalk HTML. Descriptions, downloads, tutorials, video, documents.
  • Eiffel-like Assertions and Private Methods in Smalltalk - Assertions are considered one of the more useful and advanced aspects of Eiffel, and they are simple to implement.

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