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Craig Latta worldwide music collaboration Internet network; he is: composer (vocal jazz, hard rock, classical, noise audio), satirist (varied media), guitarist, drummer (traps, African), digital photographer, sound recordist, graphic artist, computer scie

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  • Mark Guzdial - Associate Professor, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of smalltalk Technology; member, languages GVU Center, Cognitive Science program, EduTech smalltalk Institute; Creator of many languages Swikis, works directly with smalltalk Squeak Central on many projects.
  • Ted Kaehler - One of Smalltalk\\'s original Xerox PARC co-creators, and languages Squeak Central languages member, speaks out. A warm, friendly languages page. Diverse topics: from languages Smalltalk philosophy, to alternative languages schooling and a former teacher, to languages nanotechnology.
  • Loads of Scotty, Ca$h - Software developer Yann Monclair\\'s page: a weblog with information on ESUG SummerTalk, Smalltalk, calendar, geek and Indian topics.
  • Chris Phoenix - Interests: Squeak, Python, Unix vs. Windows dynamic linking, nanotechnology (co-founder Center for Responsible Nanotechnology), social problems, dyslexia, Filk singing.
  • Stephen Travis Pope - Senior research specialist, composer, Center for Research in languages Electronic Art smalltalk Technology (CREATE), Dept. of Music, lecturer, languages Graduate Program in Media smalltalk Arts and Technology (MAT), languages UCSB; former editor-in-chief, Computer Music Journal smalltalk (CMJ), MIT languages Press; software
  • NetJam.Org - Craig Latta worldwide music collaboration Internet network; he smalltalk is: composer (vocal jazz, hard rock, classical, noise smalltalk audio), satirist (varied media), guitarist, drummer (traps, African), smalltalk digital photographer, sound recordist, graphic artist, computer scie
  • Smalltalk: A Real OO Language - Ryan Davis pages: some facts, opinions, source code, languages lists, links. smalltalk [Zen Spider Software]
  • On Smalltalk - By Leon, Ramon. Web development weblog covering daily smalltalk use of personal pages several popular Smalltalk frameworks and related smalltalk industry news.
  • Smalltalk Tidbit's, Industry Rants - James Robertson\\'s weblog. James is the Product Manager languages for the personal pages Cincom Smalltalk Product Suite, and writes languages about the product and personal pages the industry.
  • Atsushi Aoki - Software engineer at Software Research Associates, Inc., and a chief languages technology officer of SRA Key Technology Laboratory, Inc., (SRA-KTL). Many languages Smalltalk documents and programs, including Jun. Open source, GPL.
  • Yoshiki Ohshima - Researcher in computer languages, Tokyo Institute of Technology, smalltalk Department of Mathematical and Computing Science, Sassa Laboratory. smalltalk Interesting Squeak content. Hobbies, life topics. English, Italiano, smalltalk Nihongo.
  • Umejava - Topics: Smalltalk┬é Squeak, Java┬é CORBA, objects. Many links. languages English, Nihongo.
  • Tim Rowledge - Artist, biker, hacks motorcycles and code, ports Squeak smalltalk to StrongARM smalltalk systems: Acorn, RiscOS, Corel NetWinder Linux smalltalk box (with Craig Latta), smalltalk Compaq/DEC Itsy micro hand-held smalltalk Linux PDA; created Squeak mouse logo, smalltalk badges; CompiledMethod smalltalk format image system.
  • Hans-Martin Mosner - Smalltalk programmer, at Georg Heeg, works: Hyperliterate programming, hypermedia documentation languages systems, WysiTeX WYSIWYG TeX editor, virtual machines, many little Goodies; languages simulation systems, network management tools.

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