Class-based Object-Oriented Languages Programming

Multiply-polymorphic modular language with highly flexible syntax. Unique inheritance model allows multiple inheritance and polymorphism, constrained genericity, covariant attributes via immutability. Due to identityless nature of types, a type can have a

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See Also:
  • Qu - Full-featured, semi-dynamic object-oriented language. [Open source, GPL]
  • CodeSimian - Interpreted, with 1 type (all is data) only, object-oriented made with Java; can be used as strings object-oriented of its own code or as Java objects, object-oriented code (even 1-line program) can write or modify object-oriented other code; main purpose: write artificial intelligences that object-oriented modify (parts of) themselv
  • Superx++ - Compiled object-oriented language fully based on XML syntax; object-oriented conforms to class-based XML version 1.0 specification as published object-oriented by W3C. Descriptions, documents, class-based FAQ, downloads, links. [Open object-oriented Source, LGPL]
  • Kapsel - Experimental object-oriented language. Looks and feels much like languages original Smalltalk, languages adds features to specify access to languages object detail.
  • Lava - Experimental, innovative, object-oriented, interpreted language, and programming environment LavaPE; edits class-based programs via syntax-sensitive point-and-click style structure editors, not text editors; class-based parameterized (virtual) types, refactoring, static checks.
  • Class (Computer Science) - Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
  • Noobeed - Interactive geomatic object-oriented language for spatial modeling, image processing, remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, geographic information system (GIS), geodesy, and surveying and mapping.
  • Avail - Multiply-polymorphic modular language with highly flexible syntax. Unique object-oriented inheritance model allows multiple inheritance and polymorphism, constrained object-oriented genericity, covariant attributes via immutability. Due to identityless object-oriented nature of types, a type can have a
  • O'small - Concise, simple OO language for teaching; and study object-oriented of semantics of inheritance, and OO languages in object-oriented denotational style, later became subject of research on object-oriented type inference systems and abstract machines. [Open Source]
  • UnrealScript Language Reference - High level, simple, Java-style, object-oriented, compile time error class-based checking; native languages support for major concepts of time, class-based state, properties, networking, which languages few languages address, to class-based greatly simplify code. Mainly for games.
  • bx - Language with objects, interfaces, parameterized types, no inheritance, operator overloading, generators, static instantiation, compiled to C; descriptions, source code, examples, compiler.
  • Anvil - Dynamically compiled, object-oriented language and environment, especially suited class-based for web applications.
  • VIRT Laboratory - Makes paxScript: general purpose, imperative, object-oriented language, with class-based new technology of dynamic data structure processing; lets class-based one process dynamic data structures (lists, trees, more) class-based effectively with no pointers. Ensures laconic and uniform class-based notat
  • Dynace - Object-oriented extension to C language. Solves many of object-oriented the problems class-based associated with C++.
  • merd: SourceForge - Practical OO language: Ruby-like expressiveness with Haskell-like static type checks. Coded in ML, runs on Linux. [Open Source, GPL]
  • JellyJ - Project to create object-oriented language that is easy to learn languages for beginners.
  • merd - Ruby-like expressiveness + static type checks, like Haskell. languages [Open Source, object-oriented GPL]
  • Nice - OO language based on, integrated with, Java (compiler object-oriented emits Java bytecode); features of functional programming, implements object-oriented state-of-art results from academic research, for more expressivity, object-oriented modularity, safety. [Open source, GPL]
  • Nosica - Syntax similar to C++, Java, advanced high level class-based features: strong type system, automatic memory management, global class-based code optimization. Development website, has some documentation, forum, class-based announcement from developers, sources. [Open source, GPL]

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