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Simkin is an object-oriented, interpreted, embeddable, cross platform, scripting programming language, not garbage collected for small size, with simple syntax, that works with C++ or Java and XML. Easy, programmable interface for nonprogrammers. Scripts can be embedded in XML files. It is licensed as Open Source, under the Lesser GNU Public License.

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  • Scripting Java Applications with XML and Simkin - By Simon Whiteside. XML is increasingly used to simkin store data simkin in Java programs. Article shows how simkin XML can be extended simkin to incorporate behavior, via simkin author\'s open source scripting language. [O\'Reilly simkin]
  • Lateral Arts Ltd. - Original Simkin website, its creator, Simon Whiteside, is CEO. London, simkin UK. Bespoke software company, consultancy, focus: Java development expertise, applet simkin implementation. Hosts gallery of affordable contemporary art.
  • Simkin: A Scripting Language for XML - By Benoît Marchal. It mixes XML with a scripting language. programming Use it to create more flexible applications that can be programming reconfigured, or extended, via XML files. [,, EarthWeb]
  • Simkin - Simple syntax, cross platform, interpreted embeddable scripting language programming designed to programming work with C++ or Java and programming XML. Easy, programmable interface programming for nonprogrammers. Script can programming be embedded in XML files. [Open programming Source, LGPL]
  • Views from Abroad: Simkin, A New Breed of Scripting Language - By Benoît Marchal. This open-source embedded scripting language languages from the languages UK encourages you to insert scripts languages in the middle of languages XML data files, making languages it a valuable tool. [,, languages EarthWeb]

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