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See Also:
  • MSDN: XML in Office Developer Portal - Microsoft site offering articles, SDKs, reference documentation, downloads, xml and webcasts markup languages about working with XML in MS xml Office.
  • SAX - Official website for SAX, the Simple API for XML, project xml resources include archived mailing lists, SAX evolution and a download xml area.
  • CDuce - A typed, functional programming language adapted to the manipulation of markup languages XML documents.
  • Active Tags - A language for XML native programming, where usual programming procedure-oriented sentences programming can be mixed with declarative sentences.
  • XML Sapiens - A descriptive language for user interfaces of CMS-based markup languages web markup languages sites.
  • XML-RPC - A specification and a set of implementations that allow software markup languages running on disparate operating systems, running in different environments to markup languages make procedure calls via HTTP and XML.

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