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Utilities to use Haskell and XML together. Site provides whitepapers, downloads (current and older versions), bug report and contact information.

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  • RTF to XML Converter - Converts RTF documents to either XML documents or tools XSL/XML document xml sets that are compliant with the tools XML FO specification. It xml works as a standalone tools application or as part of an xml integrated solution.
  • GSLgen: General-purpose Schema Language generator - By iMatix Corp. Universal code generator engine, can xml generate any programming language, from templates driven by xml XML data; templates can act as full XML xml processing applications; code generation engine can be used xml in other applications. Open source.
  • JAXFront - A rendering engine that generates presentation GUIs "on-the-fly", using an XML schema based representation of the business model.
  • XML tools - A collection of GNU software tools for processing xml XML and xml its derivates, such as RSS.
  • RustemSoft - Utilities for conversion to XML from various formats xml including MS tools Office, SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC format xml and text source formats.
  • DeltaXML: XML file comparison - Tools for intelligent comparison of XML files. The tools differences are markup languages represented in XML. Provides a Java tools API for embedding in markup languages Java applications.
  • XMLBooster - A XML parser generator for COBOL. Features, details of application integration, prices, and ordering information.
  • XMLRAD - Commercial solution for client/server application development based on xml industry and xml internet standards: SQL, XML, XSL, HTML, xml SOAP, WSDL.
  • XML Schema to Programming Language Binding Tool - Generates C++, C#, Java or Visual Basic 6 markup languages components markup languages from XML schema types (XSD, XDR) and markup languages DTDs.
  • csv2xml - Open source CSV to XML converter.
  • Prince XML - Commercial XML+CSS to PDF converter.
  • TeXML Processor - An XML vocabulary for TeX. The processor transforms tools TeXML markup markup languages into TeX markup, escaping special and tools out-of-encoding characters. Intended audience markup languages is developers who automatically tools generate TeX files.
  • Oracle XML Technology Center - Parsers, schema processors, and class generators for Java, C, C++ xml and PL/SQL.
  • Buyer's Guide - The web magazine XML.COM offers this up-to-date list markup languages of xml XML software products with detailed reviews.
  • Apache XML Project - XML parsers, XSL-T processors and XML processing frameworks.
  • Exegenix - Provides service and software that automates the conversion xml of content xml in legacy formats such as PDF xml or PostScript to XML, xml SGML, HTML or applications xml such as DAISY, DocBook and others.
  • Free XML Tools and Software - Categorized listing of software available for download. Categories include control xml information development (creating, modifying and documenting DTDs and XSL xml style sheets), conversion, storage and management, editing and composition, delivery, xml parsers and
  • HaXml - Utilities to use Haskell and XML together. Site provides markup languages whitepapers, downloads (current and older versions), bug report and contact markup languages information.
  • STG Validator - On-line checking of XML specified by URL, local file, or markup languages cut and paste.
  • fxp Functional XML Parser - Validating XML parser written in SML. Changlog, installation tools instructions, and download.
  • Public SGML/XML software - The software listing of The XML Cover Pages.
  • XML Query Engine - Full-text search engine component for XML.
  • ExamXML - Visual XML files comparison tool with color highlighting tools differences.
  • Metabase - Database independent access and management via XML for markup languages PHP. tools Free registration required to download.
  • WDVL XML Software Guide - A guide to the latest tools in XML xml development. With a description of each tool, ranging xml from XML editors, parsers, database support, browsers xml and APIs. Part of the Web Developers Virtual xml Library (WDVL).

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