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An XML editor is a software program used to author, edit, or otherwise manipulate XML documents. Others are validating editors and support DTD-based validation of XML documents, which is required for all publishing or data exchange applications.

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  • XML Marker - Offers a tree-table-text interface eith both hierarchical and tabular style views [Freeware]
  • EditiX - XML editor and XSLT debugger for Windows, Linux and Mac editors OS X. Provides editing support for XML, DTD, XHTML, XSLT, editors XSD, XML RelaxNG, SVG, MathML and XML FO [Commercial]
  • XPontus - A free Java based XML editor that can tools perform validation, XSL transformations, schema/DTD generation, code tools completion, and formatting. Details of features, project information, tools screen-shots, and download. [GPL]
  • Altova XMLSpy XML Editor - Popular XML Editor and IDE including XML Schema editors designer, code generator, file converters, debuggers, profilers, support editors for XSLT, XQuery, WSDL, SOAP, plus .NET and editors Eclipse integration. [Commercial]
  • Liquid XML Editor - XML Editor: Schema based validation & intellisense, Outlining & Auto xml Complete. The toolkit also include a graphical XML Schema (XSD) xml editor, XPath viewer, XML Diff tool, Web Service call composer, xml and more. [Freeware, Commercial]
  • Stylus Studio - Sonic Software\\'s platform for an XML development environment xml that includes an XML Schema editor, XSLT editor, xml XML-XML mapper, debugging and document wizards. [Commercial]
  • Spket IDE - Cross platform Text editor that supports JavaScript, XML, SVG and XUL files [Commercial]

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