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Tools that allow XML Documents to be created and modified via an editor showing the data in its final (transformed) form.

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  • XMetaL - A document-centric authoring tool for XML and SGML. editors [Commercial]
  • Tagfree2000 - Contains XML, DTD, and SMIL editors. [Commercial, Japanese]
  • Serna XML Editor - A validating WYSIWYG XML editor for all platforms tools that looks much like a conventional word processor, tools renders composite documents in print-like appearance [Commercial, Freeware]
  • Altova Authentic - [Freeware] Altova Authentic is a free XML and database content editor that allows non-technical business users to enter and access data in XML documents and relational databases without being exposed to the underlying technology. Content is presented in W
  • Xopus - Xopus is a WYSIWYG XML Editor that runs tools in your wysiwyg editors browser. Xopus enables end-users to work tools with structured and complex wysiwyg editors content without the need tools for technical knowledge. Xopus presents the wysiwyg editors user with tools a friendly interface to XML. Integrating Xopus requires wysiwyg editors tools kno

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