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Parsers are programs which read XML in a structured manner breaking it into smaller chunks which can be passed to other programs (or parts of the same program) for interpretation or action.

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See Also:
  • SSAX - A functional Scheme based XML parsing framework consists of a tools (semi-validating) DOM/SXML parser, a SAX parser, and a supporting library tools of lexing and parsing procedures.
  • XML Tools for Delphi - Free XML parser component for Delphi and shareware xml XML Editor xml based at this component.
  • TclXML - Part of a project to make XML available parsers to TCL xml programs. Two parsers are available: a parsers front end to Expat xml and a native TCL parsers one.
  • Nenie XML - An Eiffel XML parser and library.
  • Microsoft XML Parser Conformance - David Brownell tests the Microsoft XML parser, as bundled with xml Internet Explorer 5, for XML 1. (
  • Generic PHP Parser Class - Parses arbitrary XML input and builds an array with the structure of all tag and data elements. Optimized for parsing of simplified XML (SML) formats.
  • Meggison Technologies Downloads - SAX 2 extensions and filters.
  • SAX for Pascal - Port of the Simple API for XML Parsing interfaces to parsers Delphi.
  • Xparse - Non-validating library written in Javascript, runs in the client browser.
  • eXML - A XML 1.0 parser for Eiffel based on parsers expat. eXML is no longer actively maintained.
  • ESPX and TinyXSL - ESPX, an ECMAScript Parser for (almost) XML, with parsers namespaces; and xml TinyXSL, XML transform in-Script mini-Language

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