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XML parsers and XML transformation tools implemented as C libraries.

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See Also:
  • Pyxie [XML.com] - Article on Pyxie, a "simpler" representation of XML, c and its xml associated tools, programmed in C.
  • XML Security Library - A C library based on LibXML2. News, features overview, full documentation, and download.
  • XMLproc - Minimal non-validating parser written in C. Implements subset of SAX libraries with namespaces. Public domain.
  • SCEW - Simple C Expat Wrapper - An easy interface around the XML Expat parser. c [Open source, c LGPL]
  • RXP - A validating parser written in C and available under the GPL.
  • The Expat XML Parser - A XML parser library written in C. It libraries is a stream-oriented parser in which an application libraries registers handlers for things the parser might find libraries in the XML document (like start tags). [Open libraries source, MIT License]
  • libxml - The XML library for Gnome - A part of the GNOME framework, but does c not require libraries GNOME. It provides interfaces similar to c DOM and SAX and libraries an XPath implementation. Released c under W3C-IPR and GNU-LGPL.

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