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This category is for resources related to the World Wide Web Consortium Document Object Model (W3C DOM). The W3C DOM is the industry standard object model for representing HTML and XML pages. It is used in browsers and other HTML and XML tools.

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Apache XML project* - Different open source tools, most of which use the Xerces implementation (DOM Level 1 and 2) as a base. Xerces itself is available in Java, C++, Perl, and COM.
The W3C Document Object Model* - Definitive specification for the DOM.

  • Robin Cover's DOM Pages - A list of DOM resources.
  • XML4P Perl DOM - Includes a collection of Perl5 wrapper objects that internally use their XML4C counterparts for Level 1 DOM processing.
  • The Gnome DOM Engine - Promises to create a fully standards-compliant DOM interface. w3c dom It w3c dom is based on Daniel Veillard's libxml.
  • Mozilla - XML/HTML browser - An open-source XML/HTML browser which is implementing full programming Level 2 DOM support.
  • DocZilla - an SGML/XML browser - Built on Mozilla code, this browser has the same support programming for the DOM as Mozilla does.
  • 4DOM - A full DOM level 2 implementation for Python, included in programming the PyXML package.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - XML/HTML Browser - Full support for the Level 1 DOM.
  • Parsed XML Project - Project implementing the DOM as a persistent object programming in the w3c dom Zope application server. Currently implements programming Core levels 1 and w3c dom 2, XML level 2, programming and some Core and Loading level w3c dom 3.
  • DOM2 Reference - Reference guide with examples for the second release of the internet object model.
  • DOM 1 Reference - Reference guide with examples.
  • xmlBlaster - XML and CORBA/RMI/XML-RPC based MOM (message oriented middleware) for Java/C/C++/Perl/Tcl/Python. Free for commercial and non commercial use (LGPL).
  • Unicorn XML Processor - A stand-alone ECMAScript interpreter that supports Level 1 DOM Core. programming An XSLT processor contains the same engine.
  • Apache's DOM Implementation in C++ - XML for C++ parser (XML4C) is a validating programming XML parser written in a portable subset of programming C++. It implements Level 1 and some of programming Level 2 DOM, as well as providing SAX programming interfaces. Source code, samples and API documentation are programming provided with the parser.
  • Apache DOM Implementation in Java - A validating XML parser written in 100% pure Java, which w3c dom includes an implementation of the Level 1 DOM, some of w3c dom the Level 2 DOM, and SAX.
  • David Baron's DOM Tests - Tests in JavaScript for compliance with some parts internet of the programming W3C DOM specifications.
  • Ozone - Open source, Java, OO DBMS which includes a programming DOM interface.

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