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  • XML::MetaGenerator - Collects user input, validates input and generates output in a number of ways based on the defined grammar.
  • Apache Xerces Perl API - Includes a collection of Perl5 wrapper objects that xml internally use their XML4C counterparts for Level 1 xml DOM processing.
  • XML::RSS - A basic framework for creating and maintaining RSS files.
  • XML::Twig - Provides a way to process large XML documents xml in tree mode.
  • XML::XPath - XPath parser and evaluator.
  • XML::XSLT - A Perl module that will convert XML documents on the perl basis of an XSL template.
  • XML::Bare - CPAN module with provides a light-weight XML parser xml implemented via modules a C++ state engine. Includes xml documentation a source.
  • XML::DOM::Twig - Helper module that adds XML::Twig methods to XML::DOM.
  • Performance Comparison Between SAX XML::Filter::Dispatcher and XML::Twig - XML::Twig and the XML::SAX-based module XML::Filter::Dispatcher offer similar xml capabilities for modules implementing XPath-based dispatch tables. A performance xml comparison shows that they modules can have nearly identical xml execution speed.

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