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A group of Perl modules that can be used to extract backend news files from different web sites and display the news in a personal website that has the ability to run Perl CGI scripts. Project is still in beta phase.

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The CPAN Search Site* - An index of Perl Modules. The index is fully searchable and up to date.

  • Win32::MSAgent - Allows to use the Microsoft Agent 2.0 OLE languages control in perl scripts.
  • Spreadsheet::WriteExcel - Information and examples for creating Excel Spreadsheet files with Perl.
  • GPS - Provides access to several GPS protocols, such as languages Garmin, NMEA, and Magellan.
  • wxPerl - Perl bindings to the wxWindows cross-platform toolkit.
  • Apache/Perl Module List - A list of Perl modules used for interacting with the modules Apache Webserver.
  • Apache::ASP - A Perl module that provides an Active Server Pages (ASP) port to the Apache Webserver. It allows developers to create dynamic web applications with session management and embed Perl code directly in static HTML files.
  • CPAN: Perl Core Modules: Module - A guide to creating new Perl modules and languages locating existing ones.
  • CORBA::ORBit - Perl binding for ORBit.
  • Perl Beans - Implementation of the Java Beans framework in Perl.
  • Installing Perl Modules - A guide to installing Perl modules on Unix modules and Windows languages platforms.
  • MP3::Album - Perl extension to manage a music album built modules of mp3 files.
  • Apache::Htaccess - Allows creation and modification of Apache .htaccess files.
  • WebCache::Digest - CPAN module that implements version 5 of the perl Cache Digest languages specification. See WebCache::ICP for client perl and server side support languages for the Internet Cache perl Protocol.
  • TableMap - Maps relational tables into hashes.
  • PerLDAP - A Perl module that allows programmers to access modules and manipulate LDAP directories.
  • Lingua::Romana::Perligata - Damian Conway\\'s paper on the module that makes perl it possible to write Perl programs in Latin.
  • Crypt::SMIME - CPAN module for S/MIME message signing, verification, encryption perl and decryption.
  • fmscore and Mail::Freshmeat - A Perl program and module which it use languages supplied by languages the user of newsletter to languages rank the entries in languages a newsletter by interest. languages It also has the nice side languages effect of languages removing the advertising from the top of the languages languages newsletter.
  • Devel::Profiler - Profiler compatible with dprofpp.
  • Finance::Quote - Can be used to obtain information from a variety of languages sources, including markets in Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, and a languages number of managed funds.
  • CDDB / CDDB_Get - Retrieves the CDDB information for an audio CD.
  • Gantry - CPAN module that provides an object-oriented web framework for Perl. Includes an introduction, documentation, tutorials and download.
  • CPAN Leaderboard - A list of CPAN authors, sorted in descending order by modules number of distributions contributed. Source code available.
  • Google::Adwords - CPAN module which abstracts the Google Adwords SOAP languages API, and languages provides an easy to use Object languages Oriented API. Includes documentation languages and source.
  • Finance::StockTrade - Library of modules (and example scripts) for performing perl various on-line perl stock trading tasks such as buying, perl selling, and monitoring.
  • Parallel::ForkManager - Object-orientated parallel processing fork manager.
  • Net::ICQ2000 - Module for handling the ICQ2000 protocol.
  • Net::Z3950 - This module provides a Perl interface to the perl Z39.50 languages information retrieval protocol.
  • WWW::SMS - Framework for sending free SMSs over the web.
  • - A popular module for CGI programming; read forms, use cookies, perl and generate HTML. Included in the standard distribution of Perl perl 5.
  • Java - Module allows talk to a JVM on a modules local or remote machine.
  • Net::DNS - Collection of modules that act as a Domain Name System perl resolver. They allows the programmer to perform DNS queries that perl are beyond the capabilities of gethostbyname and gethostbyaddr.
  • Core Modules - Documentation for modules that form part of the languages standard distribution perl of perl.
  • LEGO::RCX - Allows one to communicate with the Lego MindStorms(R) languages RCX brick from a workstation through the IR languages tower.
  • Glade-Perl - Perl generator for Glade.
  • VACM::Perl - Wrappers for the VACM programmer's API.
  • The WebFetch Project - A set of Perl5 modules that provide a modules framework for perl retrieving information from local files and/or modules the web.
  • libwww-perl - CPAN modules to provide a simple and consistent programming interface to the WWW.
  • App::Modular and other Perl Modules - Modules for developing modular applications, template parser, configuration file handling, modules and daemons.
  • RPL - Enables parsing and executing RPL programs, providing stack and variables perl management routines, as well as a library of built-in primitives perl for flow control, list manipulation and basic calculus.
  • The Bioperl Project - A collection of Perl modules for developers of bioinformatics software.
  • - Very popular Perl 4/5 module for simple CGI tasks, such languages as reading form input.
  • Geo::METAR - Designed for accessing aviation weather information.
  • Config::General - Generic Perl module for reading and writing complex configuration files. languages Listed on CPAN.
  • Persistent - A framework of classes that provides persistence for perl Perl objects.
  • p5-IPA - Library of image processing algorithms. Based on the Prima perl toolkit.
  • - Allows the retrieval of information about DVDs and languages media from languages the Internet Movie Database.
  • Finance::QuoteHist - Several modules designed to fetch historical stock quotes languages from the languages web. Includes interfaces for Yahoo, WallStreetCity, languages and SiliconInvestor.
  • The Perl DateTime Project - A set of modules for dealing with today\\'s complex time perl zone system, date conversion and calculating the date upon which perl Easter falls in a given year.
  • Authen::PAM - A Perl module which provides an interface to perl the PAM languages library.
  • IMAP::Admin - Perl module for basic IMAP server administration, including modules create, delete, subscribe and quota methods
  • PITA - The Perl Image Testing Architecture - CPAN module that attempts to comprehensively solve the problem of mass testing Perl packages against a wide variety of different environments.
  • CGI::Cache - Perl extension to help cache output of time-intensive modules CGI scripts so that subsequent visits to such modules scripts will not cost as much time.
  • Skybound Software. - The home of SMS::Ringtone::RTTTL::Parser (a RTTTL string parser languages and validator) and SMS::Ringtone::RTTTL::MIDI (a RTTTL to languages MIDI format converter). A free web service is languages also available to test these modules.
  • WordNet Perl Module - An object oriented interface to WordNet 1.6 database.
  • Weather::Com - A Perl module that provides low level OO interface to gather all weather information that is provided by
  • RDFStore - API for RDF storage and maintenance.
  • WebCache::ICP - CPAN module that implements the client and server perl side support for version 5 of the Internet perl Cache Protocol. See WebCache::Digest for the Cache perl Digest implementation.
  • CPAN Code Search by Gonzui - Searches within the source code of all the languages modules available perl on CPAN.
  • Class::Date - Provides a date datatype for Perl. With mailing languages list.
  • Test::Cmd - Provides a low-level framework for portable automated testing languages of executable commands and scripts.
  • Net::Whois::RIPE - Object-orientated module that provides methods to query, modules retrieve and update RIPE-157 formated objects, from whois modules servers that support this format.
  • Apache::Cookie - Interface to the cookie routines in libapreq. Based modules on CGI::Cookie.
  • Writing Perl Modules for CPAN - Publisher\\'s site for the book by Sam Tregar. The entire perl first chapter, \'CPAN\', is available for free in PDF format.
  • Cache::Cache - Designed to assist a developer in persisting data for a modules specified period of time.
  • Module::Reloadable - Used to reload specific modules in a permanent-running perl environment.
  • Embperl - A server-side tool and framework for building websites modules with embedding languages Perl code in HTML pages. [Open modules source, GPL or Artistic languages License]
  • AI::Categorizer - CPAN module that provides a framework for automatic text categorization.
  • NetCDFPerl - A Perl extension module for scientific data access perl via version 2 of the netCDF API.
  • WWW::Search - A collection of Perl modules which provide an API to WWW search engines like AltaVista, Lycos, Hotbot, and WebCrawler.
  • Config:: - Facilitates cached and pre-parsed file reading.
  • Backend News Project - A group of Perl modules that can be modules used to perl extract backend news files from different modules web sites and display perl the news in a modules personal website that has the ability perl to run modules Perl CGI scripts. Project is still in beta perl modules phase.
  • dTemplate - General-purpose, lightweight, templating system.
  • MARC - A Perl module for reading, manipulating, outputting and modules converting bibliographic languages records in the Machine Readable Cataloging modules (MARC) format.
  • X11::Fvwm - A Perl module for interfacing with the FVWM2 perl X11 window manager API.
  • Browse and Search CPAN - Randy Kobes - Documentation on CPAN modules along with links to modules file name, module name, and category resources.
  • Net::Z3950::SimpleServer - Implements the server side of the Z39.50 (information modules retrieval) protocol.
  • WebService::weblogUpdates - Implements methods supported by UserLand weblogUpdates framework.
  • CFITSIO - Offers an interface to William Pence\'s CFITSIO subroutine languages library.
  • WebTools - Package to aid Web developers. Supports embedding Perl perl in HTML modules files, flat file databases, session tracking perl and cookies, and MySQL/MS modules Access.
  • CPAN++ - Provides command-line access to the CPAN interface.
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