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CPAN module for loading, generating and saving vector drawings. Supports an extensible plug-in architecture to support importing and exporting to various file formats.

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See Also:
  • Image::Imlib2 - CPAN module which supports reading, creating and saving JPEG, PNG modules and GIF files. Provides documentation and sample code.
  • HTML::BarGraph - CPAN module for generating bar graphs, using plain HTML. Supports titles and horizontal/vertical labels.
  • Gimp - CPAN module for writing Gimp Extensions, Plug-ins, Load modules and Save perl Handlers. The GNU Image Manipulation modules Program (Gimp) is an perl open source image editing modules application and framework, somewhat similar to perl Adobe's Photoshop.
  • PostScript::Simple - CPAN module for generating PostScript for display and printing. graphics Supports simple vector graphics.
  • Image::Magick - CPAN module, which provides an imaging library for perl editing, compositing and transcoding; supports most image formats.
  • Perl Flash - ( An interface of libswf.a (written by Paul Haeberli).
  • OpenGL - CPAN module for OpenGL 3D rendering; also known perl as Perl OpenGL (POGL). Supports C pointer perl APIs for high performance.
  • PostScript::MailLabels - CPAN module for printer calibration pages, and generating graphics PostScript code graphics for putting addresses on mailing label graphics stock.
  • GD::Barcode::QRcode - CPAN module for creating 2D barcodes (QR code). perl Commonly perl supported on Japanese cameraphones for scanning perl ads.
  • CAD::Drawing - CPAN module for loading, generating and saving vector perl drawings. perl Supports an extensible plug-in architecture to perl support importing and exporting perl to various file formats.
  • Imager - CPAN module providing 24 bit imaging without the need to modules install an external library. Includes news, bug reporting and modules future plans.
  • OpenGL::Image - CPAN module - for tight integration between OpenGL graphics and various perl imaging libraries. Allows POGL to graphics share C pointers between perl ImageMagick\'s image buffers and graphics the GPU.
  • Image::Grab - CPAN module that enables retrieval of images with graphics dynamic / modules 'hidden' URLs.
  • Barcode - Creates a barcode image as a png file graphics object. Currently perl only does type Code 128 (B graphics or C). Also decodes perl scans from the CueCat graphics scanner and retrieves the url from perl a Digital graphics Convergence server.
  • OpenGL::Shader - CPAN module that abstracts OpenGL APIs for ARB, graphics Cg and graphics GLSL shading languages. Includes the graphics latest release, documentation and graphics examples.
  • Font::FreeType - CPAN module for retrieving TrueType glyphs and metrics perl for 2D perl and 3D rendering.
  • Graphics::ColorUtils - CPAN module for color space conversion. Supports graphics RGB, CMY, YIQ, HLS and HSV. Also graphics provides color name lookups, HEX values and gradient graphics generation.
  • GraphViz - CPAN module for creating GraphViz files, used for node-based diagrams, org charts, and other relational presentations.
  • FFmpeg - CPAN module that uses the FFmpeg (v6036) library to capture perl video frames and codec information.
  • Chart - CPAN module based on GD to create charts. modules Supports: graphics point, line, bar, line-point, composite, stacked-bars, modules pie, pareto, horizontal-bars, split, graphics error-bars, direction and mountain modules charts.
  • GD - CPAN module for the GD graphics library. modules Supports basic graphics drawing.
  • SWF::Builder - CPAN module for dynamically creating and parsing Flash graphics files, and perl creating streaming videos. Includes documentation graphics and sample code.
  • Graphics::Plotter - CPAN module for the C++ GNU plotter library.
  • Ilib - A C library to read, create, manipulate and graphics save images. perl It supports PPM, XPM, GIF, PNG graphics and JPG image formats, perl and X11 BDF graphics fonts for drawing text. The perl API is graphics partially implemented as a Perl module, included with perl graphics the distribution.
  • SVG - CPAN module (100% Perl) which generates an SVG (Scalable Vector perl Graphics) image from a nested DOM structure. Includes documentation and perl examples.

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