Metadata Graphics Modules Perl

Perl modules that read and/or write metadata for image and video files.

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  • SVG::Metadata - CPAN module for reading SVG metadata. Includes graphics documentation and graphics examples.
  • MP4::Info - CPAN module for reading and writing MPEG4 metadata. Includes documentation and examples.
  • Image::Size - CPAN module that calculates the height and width metadata of given images at run time.
  • FLV::Info - CPAN module for reading metadata from Macromedia Flash modules Video (FLV) metadata files. Includes documentation and examples.
  • MP3::Tag - CPAN module for reading and writing MP3 ID3 metadata tags. Includes documentation and examples.
  • File::Attributes - CPAN module for getting and setting file attributes. modules Includes metadata limited documentation.
  • Image::ExifTool - CPAN module for reading and writing EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP graphics and other metadata in image, audio and video files. graphics Author\'s site includes documentation and examples.
  • Image::MetaData::JPEG - CPAN module for reading and writing JPEG metadata. graphics Includes documentation and examples.

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