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Portable 2D graphics library. Provides a set of functions for simultaneous generation of graphical output on different types of devices.

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See Also:
  • Image Enable - Design imaging applications and image-enable document management systems quickly and programming effectively with an Eroiica API.
  • Bar Code DLLs - Create high quality, device independent, Windows MetaFile graphics. graphics Includes programming programming examples and free bar code tutorial.
  • Libart - A library for high-performance 2D vector and bitmap libraries graphics
  • OpenGUI - High-level, cross-platform C/C++ graphics and windowing library built programming on a fast x86 assembler graphics kernel. [Open programming Source, LGPL]
  • SineMaker - A toolkit for the development of games, demos programming or other graphic related programs with Visual Basic.
  • Free Graphics Libraries, 3D/2D Engines, Animation - Includes list of graphics libraries (to create and manipulate graphics), graphics 3d and 2d engines.
  • Solace - A free graphics library still in development.
  • little cms (lcms) - A free, open source, CMM engine. It provides libraries fast transforms graphics between ICC profiles.
  • AirZip Accelerator - Real time image compression library which handles a libraries wide range libraries of standard formats.
  • G2 Graphical Library - Portable 2D graphics library. Provides a set of libraries functions for programming simultaneous generation of graphical output on libraries different types of devices.
  • GD Library - A graphics library for fast image creation
  • GrWin Graphics Library - An easy to use free graphics library for Fortran and C(C++) available on Win32 platforms using MinGw, cygwin, VC++/VF or BCC. Interactive graphics programming can be made with it.
  • Windows Programming - Comparison of Nugraf Developer\\'s 3D Toolkit and Open GL. Publisthed in ACM Crossroads Magazine.
  • Glide Open Source Project - The homepage of the Glide Open Source Project.
  • SFont - A font library for use with SDL which programming uses variable libraries width bitmap fonts.
  • wxNURBS - An application to design NURBS curves and surfaces. libraries It can also be used as an NURBS libraries library, providing an API that could be used libraries by other applications.
  • Dislin - Library of subroutines and functions that display data graphically. Software graphics is available for the programming languages C, Fortran 77, Fortran graphics 90, Perl, Python and Java.
  • libAfterImage Imaging Library - Image import, storage, manipulation and output library for libraries X.
  • Graphics Toolkit for AMD √Član SC400 Embedded Microcontroller - AMD ElanSC400 native graphics mode can now easily be implemented in C++ and C programs using this library. Source code included.
  • Fastgraph - Collection of graphics functions that can help you programming develop professional games and applications.

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