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Offers a freeware Java software capable of building and running multiplayer adventure games, playable with any browser. Several multiplayer games are available for free as a demo.

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  • IsoEngine - A Visual Basic/C++/.NET isometric/2d game engine. [Commercial]
  • Betatron - For the creation of 2D-platform and action-arcade games games in C++ for the DJGPP v2.0 compiler. [Open games Source]
  • 3Impact - Impact, modelling and car library for games. Includes games screenshots and libraries downloads of demos. [Commercial]
  • MIDAS Digital Audio System - MIDAS is a multichannel digital sound system. It supports DOS, libraries Win32, and Linux platforms and plays Protracker (.mod), Scream Tracker libraries 3 (.s3m), FastTracker 2 (.xm) and Impulse Tracker (.it) modules, libraries as well as samples and audio streams in raw or libraries WAVE . MI
  • Regimental Command - A generic armored combat system.
  • RAD Gametools - Develops game software technologies which are licensed by games primarily by video game companies.
  • Jet3D - A (commercial) free and open source realtime 3D games graphics engine games and SDK.
  • PathLib - Pathfinding library for games, optimal paths through maps, programming timing objects games and their movements through maps. Sample programming application available.
  • DimensioneX Multiplayer Adventure Development Kit - Offers a freeware Java software capable of building programming and running multiplayer adventure games, playable with any programming browser. Several multiplayer games are available for free programming as a demo.
  • Object oriented Simple Directmedia Layer - OSDL, a free portable high-level open-source library for multimedia and programming game programming.
  • RakNet - A game orientated networking API that is a wrapper for Berkely Sockets on Windows, Linux, and Unix. [Commercial]
  • VgaGames - A free library for programming vga games (320x200 games pixels with games 256 colors) for Linux and FreeBSD games in C. [Open source, games GPL]
  • HGE: Haaf's Game Engine - A C/C++ library for creating hardware accelerated 2D games for Microsoft Windows. It provides minimal yet fully functional and flexible set of routines for handling graphics, sound and input. [Shareware]
  • Golden T Game Engine - A Java library for creating 2D games. [Freeware]
  • ClanLib - A multi-platform game development library. Currently is works on Linux libraries and Win32. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Clean Game Library - Full development system for 2D games (arcade, side programming scrollers, platform games), using the functional language Clean.
  • Titan - A C++ based library to load/save game-related file games formats, such libraries as graphics, sound and 3d meshes.
  • The Grand Unified Toolkit (GUT) - A cross-platform C++ API for the development programming of games and other forms of interactive media. programming It is available for the BeOS, Linux/X, and programming Win32 platforms.
  • The Yake Engine - A small, flexible, cross-platform game engine / application games framework multi programming licensed under the LGPL and custom games licenses.
  • GapiDraw - A complete toolkit to create games for handheld devices. [Free for non-commercial use]

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