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Allegro is a free and popular game programming library. Allegro supports a variety of graphics modes, animation data formats, GUI management procedures, MIDI playback, and mouse, keyboard, & joystick support.

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Allegro* - A free and popular game programming library.

  • - Game developing community network, software directory, and up allegro to date libraries information pertaining to Allegro programming and allegro gaming.
  • Allegutl - Utilities related to game development with accent on games allegro library.
  • Striker - A tile map library written in C for Allegro. Runs under Linux and DOS, possibly Windows. [Open source]
  • JGMOD - An Allegro add-on library which enables your Allegro allegro programs to games play files in the MOD music allegro data format.
  • Allegro Webring - A collection of related sites.
  • AllegTTF - Anti-aliased text output and font loading routines for allegro Allegro.

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