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Where Morphic began, as a prototype-based implementation. Here are html Morphic User Interface papers, as part of the Self, prototype-based, object oriented programming language.

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See Also:
  • The Self-4.0 User Interface - Manifesting a System-wide Vision of Concreteness, Uniformity, and operating systems Flexibility
  • Getting Started with Morphic - One screenshot(!) and brief description of how to graphic subsystems begin.
  • A John Maloney page - Tiny, third-party page on one of Morphic\\'s two operating systems main inventors who is still working on Morphic.
  • Prototype-Based Application Construction Using SELF 4.0 - Uses Morphic in the context of its original operating systems implementation.
  • Janak on Morphic UI - A few useful tips for once you get operating systems going, graphic subsystems and a bit of opinion/critique.
  • Where is Squeak Headed? - Morphic\\'s home now, as a class-based implementation, in a new, graphic subsystems open source, graphics model for Smalltalk, based on the Morphic graphic subsystems interface to Self. Much simpler and yet more general than graphic subsystems the model used in many other object oriented languages: MVC.
  • Sun Labs: Self papers - Where Morphic began, as a prototype-based implementation. Here morphic are html graphic subsystems Morphic User Interface papers, as part morphic of the Self, prototype-based, graphic subsystems object oriented programming language.

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