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Graphics libraries for processing specific graphics file formats.

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See Also:
  • Victor Image Processing Library - Image toolkit for DOS, Win16, and Win32 graphics supporting TIFF, graphics LZW, PackBits, GIF, JPEG, lossy, PCX, graphics PNG, TGA, Targa, BMP, graphics DIB, BIF, raw data, graphics bitmap, TWAIN, scanning, image processing, and graphics printing. (Source graphics code is available, but this is a commercial graphics graphics library.
  • paintlib - Portable library of image file decoders. Supports PNG, libraries TGA, TIFF, JPEG/JFIF, BMP, and Mac PICT formats. libraries Full C++ source provided.
  • MNG - Is the animation extension to the popular PNG libraries image-format. It graphics brings the ease of GIF animations, libraries WITHOUT the patent licensing graphics issues. Libmng is the libraries MNG library (free software by Gerard graphics Juyn).
  • Imebra - C++ multiplatform GPL library for handling DICOM files file formats (medical images) and JPEG files.
  • FreeImage - Open Source library project for developers who would like to file formats support popular graphics image formats like PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF.
  • libwmf - A library to convert microsoft WMF file format to something useful, currently bindings exist to convert them to onscreen X graphics, to the GIF and to FIG.

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