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White paper on using Perl for image processing. Includes overview of tools, examples of image filtering/enhancement and screen shots.

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See Also:
  • A Perl Port of mathsPIC Graphics Package - A whitepaper on the Perl implementation of the mathsPIC application. Includes advantages of using Perl for mathematical rendering, and sample code.[PDF]
  • Perl Graphics Programming Examples - From the book: "Perl Graphics Programming" - provides languages sample code for creating graphics in Perl, including languages the use of ImageMagick, SVG, Flash nd PDFs.
  • PerlMagick - An imaging library; provides documentation and user/developer forums.
  • Creating Charts with GD::Graph - Sample code for creating charts using the Perl graphics GD module: graphics line/bar/area and pie charts.
  • Exploring Perl Modules - Part 1: On-The-Fly Graphics with GD - Tutorial for installing and using the Perl GD perl module on Unix. Includes sample code for perl drawing, text rendering, fonts, and a simple photo perl album.
  • PerlMagick Tips - Image::Magick visual comparisons and sample code for scaling perl and alpha graphics channel compositing.
  • Graphics Programming with Perl - Book by Martien Verbruggen from Manning Publications; includes languages tips on languages using Image::Magick among others. Downloadable source languages code, and chapters 1 languages and 4.
  • Graphics & Charts - Perl5 - Examples of GD::Graph for creating Perl-based graphs and charts. languages Includes screen shots and links to Fedora RPMs.
  • Creating Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) with Perl - Kip Hampton demonstrates how to use the Perl perl XML::Writer module languages to dynamically create SVG graphics.
  • 3D Graphics with Perl - Jonathan Chin\\'s presentation on using Perl modules for generating 3D perl graphics. Includes sample code and screen shots for rendering perl molecular structures.[PDF]
  • Image Processing in Perl Graphic Applications - White paper on using Perl for image processing. perl Includes languages overview of tools, examples of image perl filtering/enhancement and screen shots.[PDF]
  • Using Perl Inline C to access FreeType library - Using inline FreeType C libraries; provides a glimps languages into the graphics making of the Font::FreeType module.
  • POGL - Perl OpenGL. Provides news, documentation, galleries and sample languages code for graphics integrating OpenGL, OpenGL-Image, PerlMagick and other languages Perl modules.

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