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A browser is a piece of software which allows web pages to be displayed on the screen. You are probably using one to read this. More general browsers are listed in the Computers/Software/Internet/Clients/WWW/Browsers category.

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See Also:
  • XNGR XML Browser - An open source browser and editor framework written xml in Java. xml Development information and downloads.
  • eXeMeL - XML browser in Alpha testing stage; comments welcome.
  • DocZilla - DocZilla is an SGML/HyTime-enables browser based on the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine. Support for SGML, HyTime, CALS tables, RDF, and Xlink is currently being worked on.
  • XSBrowser - Open source browser that creates a human readable document model from a given DTD or XML schema.
  • Voice Browsers - W3C Note - This note describes features needed for effective interaction with Web xml browsers that are based upon voice input and output.
  • X-Smiles - X-Smiles is a Java based Open Source XML tools browser capable of displaying documents written in various tools XML languages.
  • Jumbo3-J - An XML-CML molecular browser and toolkit for the Chemical Markup tools Language (CML).

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