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Vendor neutral industry organization that created Chem eStandards, uniform standards of data exchange developed specifically for the buying, selling and delivery of chemicals.

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  • XGMML - Extensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language - Based on GML, which is used for graph applications description; uses applications tags to describe nodes and edges applications of a graph. Its applications purpose is to make applications possible the exchange of graphs between applications different authoring applications and browsing tools for graphs
  • InfoML - A markup language for storing, combining, and sharing xml quotations, facts, ideas, and opinions. Also used for xml building trees and webs of such information.
  • NewsML - An XML encoding for news which is intended xml to be xml used for the creation, transfer, delivery xml and archiving of news. xml By International Press Telecommunications xml Council. [XML-compliant browser required]
  • CIDX: Chemical Industry Data Exchange - Vendor neutral industry organization that created Chem eStandards, applications uniform standards applications of data exchange developed specifically for applications the buying, selling and applications delivery of chemicals.
  • P3P - Platform for Privacy Preferences 1.0 Specification - Enables Web sites to express their privacy practices in a standard format that can be retrieved automatically and interpreted easily by user agents.
  • VocML - Vocabulary Markup Language - DTD/Schema developed to support the structured representation of a wide xml range of Knowledge Organization Systems/Services (KOS).
  • XMLSTATS: Using SportsML - Introduction to the SportsML standard, designed to provide markup languages a markup languages consistent format for sports scores and statistics.
  • Open Applications Group (OAGI) - Freely downloadable set of DTDs that define interfaces xml between business applications such as Purchasing, Supply Chain, xml Manufacturing, Human Resources, and Financials, xml The context of the DTDs is fully xml explained in a document called OAGIS, which is xml also
  • XrML eXtensible rights Markup Language - A general-purpose, XML-based specification grammar for expressing rights xml and conditions xml associated with digital content, services, or xml any digital resource.
  • GDML - Geometry Description Mark-up Language - Used to define geometrical description of complex systems.
  • JSML - JSpeech Markup Language - A text format used by applications to annotate xml text input xml to speech synthesizers; derived from Java xml Speech API Markup Language.
  • XLDL Literature Description Language - An XML doctype for the storage of novels, xml stories, poems xml and related texts.
  • MusicXML - Designed to represent musical scores in common Western musical notation. markup languages It is an interchange format for notation, performance, analysis, and markup languages retrieval applications.
  • RecipeML - Official specification document, FAQ, example recipes, and the DTD of the recipe markup language formerly known as Dessert.
  • Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) Version 2.0 - Describes mathematical notation and capturing both its structure markup languages and markup languages content. (W3C Recommendation 21 February 2001)
  • LOGML - Log Markup Language - Designed to describe log reports of web servers. markup languages Mining xml web-data that has been collected from web markup languages server logfiles, xml is not only useful for markup languages studying customer xml choices, but also helps in markup languages organizing web pages. The xml structure of a web markup languages site is represented as a
  • XBEL - XML Bookmark Exchange Language - Document type for bookmark files, which can be applications used to markup languages exchange bookmarks between any browsers and applications also to publish them markup languages on the web. A applications conversion program is available.
  • DITA - Darwin Information Typing Architecture - Architecture for creating and deploying modular technical information on varied platforms, from printed manuals to online helpsets to hierarchical information for small-screen devices.
  • CML - Chemical Markup Language - Includes specification, sample code and examples, and discussion markup languages forum.
  • xCBL - XML Common Business Library - A set of XML building blocks and a document framework applications that allows the creation of robust, reusable, XML documents to applications facilitate global trading, using SOX, XDR, and DTDs.
  • NetBeans XML Project - Designed to add support for working with XML, markup languages DTD and CSS documents in NetBeans. Links, FAQs, markup languages developer\'s corner and downloads featured.
  • ISO 15022 XML - Replaces FIX and SWIFT messaging protocols as a markup languages single industry standard; prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC68, markup languages Banking, Securities and Related Financial Services, Sub-Committee SC4, markup languages Securities and Related Financial Instruments.
  • QEL - Quotation Exchange Language - For exchanging collections of quotations. Downloadable DTD, example markup languages quotations, QEL software and history.
  • OMF - Weather Observation Definition Format - An XML document type for weather observations.
  • rezML - A lightweight XML DTD and style sheets for applications the structuring applications of Resumes and Job Listings. (Working applications Draft)
  • How to Create Channel Definition Format (CDF) Files - Microsoft tutorial, explaining how CDF gives Web authors applications another way applications to organize their sites.
  • NITF - News Industry Text Format - Used for sharing news articles, developed by the markup languages International xml Press Telecommunications Council. Because metadata is markup languages applied throughout xml the news content, NITF documents are markup languages more searchable and xml useful than HTML pages.
  • Molecular Dynamics Language - Provides simple constructs like atom, bond, molecule and TRANSLATE to markup languages mark up chemical simulation data.
  • AIML - Astronomical Instrument Markup Language - A version of the Instrument Markup Language (IML) for controlling markup languages astronomical instruments.
  • XML in Mozilla - This document provides an overview of the plans applications for XML in Mozilla. (Mozilla)
  • DARPA Markup Language (DAML+OIL) - DAML is being developed as an extension to markup languages XML and RDF. DAML+OIL provides a rich set markup languages of constructs with which to create ontologies and markup languages to markup information so that it is machine markup languages readable and understandable.
  • PetroXML - A DTD for vendor invoicing for oil and gas field operations.
  • Extensible 3D (X3D) - Open standard XML application developed by the W3D markup languages Consortium as the successor to Virtual Reality Modeling markup languages Language (VRML 97).
  • RecipeBook XML - A markup language designed to allow sharing of applications recipes electronically.
  • UBL - Universal Business Language - An OASIS effort to create a synthesis of existing XML xml business document libraries into one universal business langugage.
  • MCF - Meta Content Framework - A data model for describing information organization structures (metadata) for collections of networked information.
  • Rivet Software - Provides solution software (Dragon Tag) for Microsoft Word and Excel applications that allows you to take existing financial data and turn applications it into XBRL-formatted data. Also provides consulting.
  • XBRL - Extensible Business Reporting Language - A royalty-free, open specification to describe financial information xml for public xml and private companies and other organizations. xml Overview, FAQs, press releases, xml resources, demonstrations and information xml about events.
  • OSD - Open Software Description Format - A vocabulary used for describing software packages and applications their dependencies. xml It is intended to be useful applications in automated software distribution xml environments.

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