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An XML-based content management system CMS that allows business and communications professionals to use the internet as part of their daily activities.

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See Also:
  • Instinctools - Builds hosted and licensed modular tools using Java xml and XML.
  • Percussion Software - Uses an XML architecture to define the content content management and site management XSL to convert and display the content.
  • Ixiasoft - Creator of the TextML Server, a native XML site management database used for the dynamic storing, indexing, and site management retrieving of documents.
  • Ittrium - Provides a web publishing and content management platform that simplifies content management the creation and management of information on public web sites, content management intranets, extranets or custom web applications. A pure Java application.
  • Content Management and XML - Cap Gemini paper which focuses on the difference xml between content site management management systems and document management systems.
  • Tridion - R5 is an XML content management platform enabling multinational companies xml to keep content consistent, relevant and up to date.
  • Easypress Technologies - Easypress Technologies develops Web-based tools that allow publishers to create, content management manage and publish content.
  • InsightBuilder XML / XSL - Combines full featured content management with workflow control, site management easy content management use through GUI forms, flexibility to create site management new web content management site templates with XSL, multi-lingual support site management and management of content management PDF, Flash, Excel, XML and site management other document types.
  • Trisoft Homepage - An XML-based content management solution InfoShare, allowing to personalize content and dynamically publish to web, paper, and other media.
  • Siteworx - Produces Axiom ECM - an open/shared source enterprise content management xml system. OS neutral and integrates with outside data sources xml and SQL and XML sources.
  • Sycomax - An XML-based content management system CMS that allows site management business and communications professionals to use the internet site management as part of their daily activities.
  • Ingeniux Corporation - XPower Publishing System is an XML-based content management, content management publishing, content management and deployment system with support for multiple content management brands, partners, content management and devices.
  • Roxen Internet Software - Flexible XML content management platform which supports open standards.
  • SiberSafe XML - XML content management system that enables reuse, publishing, versioning, translation, content management indexing, search and fragmentation of XML content.
  • InStranet - Creating an Intelligent Framework for the Exchange of Structured and Unstructured Business Information.
  • WebEditor - Java-based application to manage the content of a news-style website, xml using XML as the primary data format.
  • empolis - Document, knowledge, and content systems that are XML-based, xml modular in site management structure and based on Java (J2EE).
  • Intershare webbased XML editor - The first webbased XML-editor provided by Intershare.
  • XIMS - eXtensible Information Management System is a web-based CMS built to suit the needs of academic and educational infrastructures. Based on Apache AxKit, Perl/XML and PostgreSQL (or Oracle), with flexible recursive roles and ACL system and skinning.
  • tricore technologies - A leading provider of full range of technology solutions, including site management Internet, Intranet, CD-ROM, training, and custom software development.
  • X.Systems, Inc. - Content management solutions including document content management, web site management content management, web application development, XML consulting, and site management SGML development.
  • CNet - XML-based server for developers of advanced content publishing xml and syndication site management solutions.

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