SVG Vector Graphics Data Formats

Samples, examples and test suite results for animated SVG elements, attributes, properties and animation types, in some browsers and display agents.

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W3C Scalable Vector Graphics* - The SVG home page at the World Wide Web Consortium. Includes news, description, specification, and history.
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 Specification* - Official specification from the W3C.

  • Wikipedia: Scalable Vector Graphics - Encyclopedia article about the format, including details of svg support in various software applications, and external links.
  • SVG Animation: Samples and Systematic Test - Samples, examples and test suite results for animated svg SVG elements, graphics attributes, properties and animation types, in svg some browsers and display graphics agents.
  • SVG Reference - Reference pages extracted from the W3C DTD and vector specification, with graphics examples and image index.
  • Vector-based Web Cartography: Enabler SVG - A detailed page on SVG, including history vector of the SVG specification, and the potential of vector SVG for cartographic applications. A number of useful vector examples can be seen on linked pages.
  • SVG Open - Annual developers conference on SVG for interactive web vector applications, mobile graphics technologies, GIS, and design. Information for vector delegates, sponsorship details, and graphics venue information. Also archived vector sites from previous events.
  • SVG Foundation - Educational site about SVG technology.
  • SVG Web Browser Test - Side by side comparison of a variety of vector images in svg SVG and PNG formats.
  • Toddler in SVG - Kaleidoscopes, jigsaw puzzles, and web color pallet, made by SVG, DOM and XML. also some SVG short programs are available.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics Web Techniques - Article discussing Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) by Molly svg E. Holzschlag.
  • Adobe: Scalable Vector Graphics - Description of the benefits of SVG and the various Adobe products available.
  • SVGX - Promotes Scalable Vector Graphics, with links to examples and resources.
  • - Community website with user-submitted news.
  • SVG Wiki - A collaborative environment for research and discussion of vector SVG.
  • SVG Test Suite - Official W3C test suite for SVG 1.0. Includes svg downloads for test suite and harnesses, link to svg test results for six SVG implementations, and email svg feedback link.
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