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A list of sites compliant with the P3P specifications. Compiled by the W3C and a useful reference for learning by example.

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W3C P3P Project Main Page* - Platform for Privacy Preferences Project, P3P is a protocol for privacy protection on the Web. The W3C is the governing body issuing the standard.
The Platform for Privacy Preferences 1.0 (P3P1.0) Specification* - This is the specification, W3C recommendation date: 16-05-2002, of the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P). This document, along with its normative references, includes all the specification necessary for the implementation of interoperable P3P applica

  • P3P Toolbox - An independent resource for assistance in P3P Implementation privacy for Web protocols sites. Includes tools, implementation guides, links, privacy and FAQs. Created and protocols maintained by the Internet privacy Education Foundation.
  • P3PEdit - Policy Editor & Generator - P3P Editor: A P3P generator that utilizes an easy wizard interface to create a P3P privacy policy your web site - allowing cookies to function in IE6. This is a paid service costing $70.00 USD.
  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) P3P Validator - This P3P Validator is compatible with P3P spec from Sep 15, 2000 to Sep 28, 2001. Test you implementation\\'s compliancy and be alerted to errors.
  • EZP3P P3P Creation - EZP3P is a P3P XML utility that within privacy a few protocols minutes can apply a basic P3P privacy policy to your web protocols site. EZP3P can be privacy used online or offline. This is protocols a pay privacy service.
  • Sites using P3P - A list of sites compliant with the P3P protocols specifications. Compiled privacy by the W3C and a useful protocols reference for learning by privacy example.
  • Web Privacy with P3P - Web Privacy with P3P includes many examples of internet P3P policies and policy reference files. The longer internet examples can be downloaded from this web site. internet The book also includes references to a variety internet of online resources. The URLs for these resources internet are also ava
  • Parser - IBM P3P protocol parser and constructor written in Java. Contains internet classes and methods for parsing, generating, manipulating and evaluating P3P internet proposals and responses. It also contains a parser and evaluator internet for "A P3P Preference Exchange Language&qu
  • Policy Wizard and Japanese Doc Translations - Providing an online tool for site operators to protocols implement a policy that will be compliant with protocols P3P 1.0 Candidate Recommendation (December 2000). Also provides protocols Japanese language translation of P3P documents and specifications protocols from the W3C.
  • APPEL1.0 Working Draft - APPEL: A P3P Preference Exchange Language 1.0(APPEL1.0). A privacy language for protocols describing collections of preferences regarding P3P privacy policies between P3P agents
  • P3Pwriter - real time policy generation utility - Web based utility for creating and updating Web internet site P3P protocols privacy policies, P3P Policy Reference Files internet and P3P Compact Policies protocols using the P3P language. internet This is a PAY service, prices protocols range from internet 29.95 to 400.00 USD
  • The Platform for Privacy Preferences 1.0 Deployment Guide - This is a guide for site operators deploying internet the Platform protocols for Privacy Preferences (P3P). It provides internet information on the tasks protocols required, and gives guidance internet on how to best complete them.
  • Proposal Generator - From AT&T, this tool has been designed primarily to translate privacy existing privacy policies into P3P syntax. AT&T states that it privacy is for demonstration purposes and to gain experience with P3P privacy implementations.
  • Lorrie Faith Cranor's Home Page - W3C P3P Specification Working Group Chair, Lorrie Cranor\\'s home page protocols has P3P news, links, and articles.
  • P3P Privacy Tools - Collection of demo tools, papers and talks, media coverage, and other links regarding P3P and Internet Privacy.
  • IBM Alphaworks - Offer P3P Policy Editor, a tool for creating and updating privacy web site privacy policies using the P3P language. [Java, Windows]
  • P3P Wiz - Subscription service online P3P generation tool. Produces compact internet headers, human-readable privacy privacy statement, P3P reference file, and internet code snippets for privacy implementation in popular languages.
  • A Serious Critique of P3P : Privacy on the Web - This critique covers most of the facets of internet the P3P privacy platform, examining both the assumptions and internet implementation. Areas targeted for privacy critical need are: "more internet specificity in declaring the purpose behind privacy taking information, internet a means to establish a negotia
  • Privacy Primer: P3P - This O\\'Reilly Network article has two parts: the first is internet an overview of P3P, written by Simson Garfinkle; the second internet section, written by Lorrie Cranor, offers a more in depth internet look and examples.
  • Privacy Server Protocol Project - Carnegie Mellon University project provides research into large-scale distributed and privacy automated negotiations for privacy and the complementary negotiations for digital privacy rights management. Articles, slide presentations, experimental tools.
  • Implementing a Privacy Policy Using P3P - Description of a privacy policy implementation using the protocols P3P standard.
  • P3P FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions about data privacy internet and P3P; protocols from Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.
  • Privacy Bird Browser Plug-in - The AT&T Privacy Bird is a free browser plug-in that reads privacy policies written in the standard P3P format, specified by the W3C, and displays them in an easy to understand language. Works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01, 5.5, or 6.0.
  • P3P Viewing Tools - Two free P3P Policy viewing tools. P3Pexplorer: Find and view privacy policy file from a web site. Compact policy viewer: View privacy the compact policy header of a web server.

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