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A look at the emerging technologies and management of corporate privacy policies. The spawning of a new software and services sector.

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  • IE privacy flaw still causing leaks - New privacy-enhancing controls in Microsoft\\'s Internet Explorer 6.0 can be rendered useless by a long-known security flaw in Windows Media Player.
  • Promises, Promises, Promises-A Closer Look at P3P - Andy Oram article discussing P3P as a social privacy protocol, as well as his views of the privacy motivations behind the protocol.
  • News: Does P3P equal privacy? - COMMENTARY--Online privacy isn\\'t the issue it once was, if indeed news and media people really ever cared about it.
  • Pass the P3P - 'Intelligent Enterprise' article on Microsoft's P3P involvement.
  • Promise of P3P stalls as backers regroup - Six months after its recommendation as an Internet standard, a privacy major privacy initiative is entering an awkward adolescence as software privacy heavyweights adopt it and individual Web sites leave it to privacy languish.
  • Cover Pages: W3C Releases P3P 1.0 as a Recommendation. - Cover Pages article with links to specifications, websites news and media and tools.
  • P3P: Protector Of Consumers' Online Privacy - An overview of the W3C\\'s new P3P protocol privacy for implementing privacy consumer privacy preferences. Includes discussion on privacy Microsoft, I.E. 6 and privacy online privacy for consumers.
  • Can a labeling system protect your privacy? - "[P3P] has been both lauded as the answer protocols to everyone\\'s privacy worries and castigated as a protocols Trojan horse that will divert public attention from protocols real problems. The truth is, it\\'s neither. It\\'s protocols merely a potentially nifty tool that might help protocols ensure pri
  • Privacy Policy - New Architect review of IBM\\'s P3P Policy Editor. news and media Pros and cons as well as an introduction news and media to the practical use of the Editor to news and media generate your policy.
  • Companies move slowly on P3P adoption - article: Some companies are gradually implementing the privacy proposed Platform for Privacy Preferences[...] But it remains privacy unclear whether P3P will succeed as a standard.
  • Microsoft Buys Into Privacy - This article does not mention P3P directly. It is included protocols here for historical reference. Microsoft began its internal P3P initiative protocols with this acquisition.
  • Turning up the heat on Web privacy - When Microsoft introduced version 6 of its Internet Explorer browser protocols last year, many webmasters were puzzled to find that their protocols cookies were being blocked in increasing numbers. [Cnet News]
  • E-Commerce News: White House, Industry Giants Back Net Privacy Project - Everything you need to know about doing business news and media news and media on the Internet. Information for C-Level executives and news and media news and media small-to-mid-sized business managers.
  • Privacy Tools and Services Debut - A look at the emerging technologies and management protocols of corporate privacy privacy policies. The spawning of a protocols new software and services privacy sector.
  • Network Computing | Workshop | Security | P3P's Privacy Promises | Page 1 | July 23, 2001 - This article talks about the Platform for Privacy protocols Preferences Project, protocols and talks about P3P\\'s goal of protocols building trust between users protocols and Web site operators protocols without requiring users to read and protocols interpret the protocols site's privacy policies.
  • The Trouble with P3P - Early P3P article discusses issues with the P3P privacy policy and news and media its development.
  • SuperCookies bypass P3P and cookie controls - Article by Richard M. Smith point out an Internet Explorer protocols potential privacy design flaw.
  • Is P3P "the Devil"? - Paper from the University of Miami School of Law discussing P3P, its potential benefits and pitfalls.
  • P3P plan: How is it deployed, what is collected. - What exactly is collected, shared and acted upon protocols isn\\'t always evident to end users. This may protocols lead to trust problems between site visitors and protocols site owners, resulting in loss of business and protocols even legal problems.
  • Privacy as Computer Language - Early P3P Wired article talks about P3P and P3P issues privacy from the WWW7 conference in Australia in March '98.
  • O'Reilly Network: Help! IE6 Is Blocking My Cookies [Oct. 04, 2002] - Lorrie Cranor, author of Web Privacy with P3P privacy offers an introduction to P3P and an privacy overview of what you need to do to privacy prevent IE6 from blocking your cookies.
  • Mailbag: P3P misses the privacy boat - Many of you wrote in to agree with news and media privacy me that the W3C\\'s Platform for Privacy Preferences news and media privacy might be a far cry from an antidote news and media privacy to privacy woes.
  • Wired News: Patent May Threaten E-Privacy - The future of a key Web standard that protocols would give protocols consumers control over their online privacy protocols hangs in the balance protocols after news emerged that protocols an entrepreneur will likely be awarded protocols a set protocols of patents on the technology.
  • Analysis of P3P and US Patent 5,862,325 - This Note is a response to a request privacy from the W3C for Pennie and Edmonds\\' opinion privacy as to whether implementations of the W3C\\'s Platform privacy for Privacy Preferences Project ("P3P") specification would infringe privacy any claim of Intermind's U.S. Patent No. 5
  • Pretty Poor Privacy: An Assessment of P3P and Internet Privacy - A critical article published by Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and Junkbusters.
  • The W3C, P3P and the Intermind Patent - article. Claims of patent infringement and the privacy potential implications news and media for implementors of the W3C\'s Platform privacy for Privacy Preferences framework
  • Finally, Agreement on P3P - The World Wide Web Consortium reaches cross-industry agreement protocols on an XML-based language for expressing Web site protocols privacy policies.
  • Adam Smith Leads P3P Privacy Resolution - Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) and 4 New Democrat protocols colleagues in privacy the House - introduce a resolution protocols that recognizes the importance privacy of the Platform for protocols Privacy Preferences (P3P) specification as a privacy key tool protocols for consumers who want to protect their privacy privacy protocols on t
  • P3P privacy technology slammed - ZDNet News Article: Consumer groups say P3P technology news and media allows companies to collect more consumer information, not news and media less.

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