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Forum for presenting and discussing MathML and technologies that ease the presentation of mathematical and scientific content on the web. Last meeting was June 2002.

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Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)* - Official page from the World Wide Web Consortium. Includes the MathML specification, links to related software, and other resources.

  • TtM - TeX to MathML translator: translates from Plain TeX mathml and LaTeX mathml into HTML including the equations in mathml the form of embedded mathml MathML. Windows/Intel (purchase) mathml and Linux (free) platforms. Interactive mathml demo.
  • GtkMathView - A GTK Widget to render MathML documents. mathematical Documentation and markup languages download.
  • Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) 2.0 Working Draft 03 - Available as: HTML zip archive, XHTML zip archive, mathml XML zip archive, PDF (screen), PDF (paper).
  • MathML Conference - Forum for presenting and discussing MathML and technologies markup languages that mathml ease the presentation of mathematical and scientific markup languages content on mathml the web. Last meeting was markup languages June 2002.
  • Generating MathML Markup - Using LATEX2HTML, WebEQ and WebTEX, written by Ross mathematical Moore while visiting the Geometry Center, Univ mathematical of Minnesota, during July of 1998.
  • MathML and DSSSL Files - Files relating to parsing MathML in an SGML/XML markup languages system, and DSSSL style sheets which may markup languages be used to render mathematics to TeX or markup languages to RTF (for Microsoft Word, for example). markup languages Drafts published by David Carlisle.
  • MathML in Mozilla - Information about the implementation of MathML in Mozilla-based browsers.
  • sMArTH - An equation editor for MathML and LaTeX built on open markup languages Web standardsusing a SVG interface, implemented in ECMAScript. MathML, LaTeX markup languages and SVG exports. Open source.
  • Wikipedia: MathML - Encyclopedia article on the markup language, covering history, mathml semantics, and mathematical software support.
  • FireMath - A Firefox browser extension for WYSIWYG MathML editing. Site includes installation instructions, usage examples, FAQ, a discussion forum and links to resources.
  • EzMath - MathML editor which generates HTML or MathML code. mathematical Freeware mathematical implementation for Windows 95/NT.
  • MathML Has Landed - Efforts towards making Mozilla (Netscape Communicator 5) MathML-compliant.
  • OpenMath and MathML, ACM Crossroads Winter 1999 - This is a discussion of two possible markup mathematical languages for mathematical expressions (OpenMath and MathML) written mathematical by O. Caprotti and D. Carlisle, from the mathematical Crossroads Winter 1999 issue.
  • MathML Test Suite - Introductory documentation and resources.
  • Mathematical Markup Language (MathML?) 1.01 Specification - W3C Recommendation, revision of 7 July 1999.
  • Editing Mathematics in Amaya - Amaya allows mathematical expressions in web pages, using mathematical the Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) specification.
  • MathML 2 Reference - Complete reference with examples and image index.
  • MathML-enabled M13 Builds For Win32 - A MathML-enabled Mozilla (Netscape Communicator 5) is available for Windows and Linux.

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