Mathematical Markup Languages Data Formats

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  • OpenMath and MathML Synergy - Explores means by which OpenMath may extend MathML, markup languages and data formats MathML may extend OpenMath - to the markup languages benefit of data formats both.
  • Comparison of OpenMath and MathML - Information on similarities, differences, overlap and methods of translating between OpenMath and MathML
  • Structured Types in MathML and OpenMath - W3C specifications on Structured Types used in MathML, and how mathematical they relate to OpenMath\'s Small Type System.
  • Numerical Mathematics Consortium - Proposing new methods of representing mathematical semantics, independent data formats of mathematical OpenMath and MathML.
  • ACM's OpenMath and MathML Overview - Description of OpenMath and MathML as communication tools; mathematical includes sample markup languages XML.
  • Blahtex - A free software tool and library that translates TeX markup data formats into MathML. Page provides an overview.

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