Prototype-based Object-Oriented Languages Programming

OO prototype-based, reflective language, based on only message passing, a key trait of OO languages; it allows late-binding polymorphism, the key trait making possible incremental modifying of programs. Descriptions, papers, implementations: Smalltalk, C+

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See Also:
  • Lisaac - Small, fast language inspired by Smalltalk, Self, Eiffel prototype-based (design by contract); auto-cast static typing, multiple inheritance. prototype-based Part of Isaac prototype-based OS. Description, downloads, library, prototype-based benchmarks, code samples.
  • Agora - OO prototype-based, reflective language, based on only message languages passing, a prototype-based key trait of OO languages; it languages allows late-binding polymorphism, the prototype-based key trait making possible languages incremental modifying of programs. Descriptions, papers, prototype-based implementations: Smalltalk, languages C+
  • Glyphic Script, Codeworks - Language with interactive development environment, supports multiple views per object, bytecode VM; was user programming environment of EO communicator; description, PDF manuals. By Mark Lentczner.
  • Prototype-based Programming - Growing article, with links to many related topics. object-oriented [Wikipedia]
  • Isaac Project - Small prototype-based high-level language, influences: Smalltalk (all values are objects), object-oriented Self (prototypes), Eiffel (Design by Contract); allows system, low-level programming, object-oriented compiler has means for late binding suppression, optimizing type predictions object-oriented a
  • The Slate Programming Language - Brief description with many forum comments. [Slashdot]
  • Slate - Language-OS based on CLOS, Self, Smalltalk; Smalltalk syntax; object-oriented libraries inspired by Common Lisp, Dylan, Strongtalk (strong object-oriented typing). Descriptions, programming manual, tutorials, summaries, bulletin board object-oriented Swiki, CVS. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • Brain - High-level, pure object-oriented, prototype-based, scripting language; Smalltalk-like syntax; prototype-based some features prototype-based borrowed from Scheme, Self, JavaScript. [Open prototype-based Source, LGPL]
  • Object-based PLs - By Rainer Blome. Alphabetized list with descriptions of, object-oriented and links languages to, many prototype-based languages.
  • Class-based NewtonScript Programming - An article for PIE Developers magazine describing a prototype-based technique for languages structuring a NewtonScript program using class-like prototype-based objects.
  • Mica - Was Poe: prototype inheritance language and OO virtual machine for object-oriented building network-accessible programs for multiple programmers, users, agents. Persistence and object-oriented garbage collection are automatic and transparent. [Open Source, GPL]

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