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Obliq is a programming language in the Wirth tradition, from the Algol-Pascal-Modula line. It is based on Modula-3 and can use Modula-3 libraries, but its features and application domains overlap several languages: ML, Modula-3, Self; scripting languages Tcl, AppleScript, VBA, Telescript; distributed languages Orca, Forté, Facile. It is lexically-scoped, untyped, interpreted, and supports distributed object-oriented computation. Obliq objects have state and are local to a site. Obliq computations may involve multiple threads of control within an address space, multiple address spaces on a machine, heterogeneous machines over a local network, and multiple networks over an internet: intranet, extranet, the Internet. Computations can roam over networks, while maintaining network connections.

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