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Dedicated to the general discussion of topics and issues related to JavaScript and JScript programming. Open to all: beginners and professionals.

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Editor's Picks:* - Many up-to-date JavaScript tutorials and scripts.

  • The JavaScript Discussion List - Dedicated to the general discussion of topics and javascript issues related languages to JavaScript and JScript programming. javascript Open to all: beginners languages and professionals.
  • JavaScript Kit - Tutorials and over 400 free scripts. Also JavaScript languages objects, properties, and methods reference.
  • Tamarin Project - project to implement the ECMAScript 4th edition (ES4) javascript language specification in the Gecko engine. Provides a javascript description, a roadmap and the project's members list.
  • JavaScript Mall - Scripts, tutorials, and links to other resources.
  • JavaScript Forum - A popular JavaScript forum.
  • CodeHouse - JavaScript articles, scripts, online tools, book reviews, bookmarklets, javascript and other javascript resources for programmers and webmasters.
  • Webring JavaScript - Discussion for users of JavaScript, VBscript, or ActiveX-script.
  • Ivan Peters Dot Com - JavaScript overview, adding "Find In Page" feature to javascript web site. Also skydiving stuff.
  • CodeThat - JavaScripts, articles, resources, and tools.
  • programmershelp : Javascript Section - A JavaScript resource with links to tutorials , javascript book reviews, javascript downloads, scripts in a variety of javascript different categories.
  • GlobalShareware - JavaScript - JavaScript shareware tools and scripts catalog.
  • Javascript Resource Site - A collection of resources for JavaScript including scripts, javascript sample book chapters, downloads, links and book stores.
  • OpenJS - Provides source code, articles and tutorials about JavaScript and related javascript topics like Ajax and client-side scripting.
  • Javascript Resource Center - Javascript resources. Books, tutorials, references, tools and scripts.
  • JavaScript Made Easy - Large collection of JavaScript source code. JavaScript tutorials languages with example javascript code. Reference material for JavaScript.
  • Doc JavaScript - Biweekly JavaScript tutorials and tools. Also features a JavaScript tip languages of the day.
  • Suite101 - JavaScript - JavaScript news, tutorials, discussions and links.
  • United Scripters - Javascript++, javascript algorithms, complex scripts. Essays on programming javascript issues.
  • Javascript Forum at Tek-Tips - Javascript technical support forums and mutual help system javascript for computer javascript professionals.
  • JSAN - JavaScript Archive Network - A repository of open source code to draw from for JavaScript, inspired by Perl's CPAN.
  • JavaScript ScriptSearch - Directory of books, forums, scripts and tutorials.
  • Higher Order JavaScript - Notes by Sean Burke, inspired by "Higher order javascript Perl", that javascript highlight the parallels between JavaScript, Perl, javascript and functional languages.
  • The JavaScript Weenie - Tutorials, examples and reference material.

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