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Makes K, advanced vector oriented, functional language, one of the fastest application development environments (according to Bell Laboratories Benchmarking), and allows very fast processing of large datasets.

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See Also:
  • Lucid - Functional dataflow language, invented by Bill Wadge, Ed multiparadigm Ashcroft. Variables and expressions denote streams-sequences of data multiparadigm items. Input and output are streams, so a multiparadigm program is a Unix-style filter. Was basis for multiparadigm French real-time/reactive languages Lustr
  • Multiparadigm Programming Language - Brief description, language list sorted by count and multiparadigm supported paradigms. [Wikipedia]
  • X Language: xlang - The eXtensible Language: easy to use, multi-syntax, portable set of programming APIs to create CLI and GUI applications for Unix/X11 and programming Win32; will ease making big applications, has interpreter/compiler/debugger. [Open Source, programming GPL]
  • Scala - General purpose language; multiparadigm (object-oriented, functional, concurrent elements); multiparadigm statically typed, programming type-safe; focus: Web services. Successor of multiparadigm Funnel. Interoperates with Java programming VM or .NET, XML multiparadigm aware. [Open source, BSD-like license]
  • Lightweight Languages as Software Engineering Tools - Usenix Paper discussing multiparadigm programming as part of programming a larger multiparadigm topic.
  • XLR: Extensible Language and Runtime - XL is designed to implement the ideas of Concept Programming. It can apply to many domains and problem spaces, not only a small subset of the problems users must solve.
  • UFO: United Functions and Objects: Draft Language Description - Download of UMCS-92-4-3.
  • Needle - Pure object-oriented, functional language, statically typed, garbage collected; programming mixes ideas from Dylan, Lisp, Scheme; ML; Cecil, programming Smalltalk; description, slide show, downloads, links. [Open Source, programming MIT]
  • Nial Systems Ltd. - NIAL, Nested Interactive Array Language, mixes aspects of programming functional array multiparadigm and procedural languages. Rich primitives set programming makes it easy, fast multiparadigm to code loop-free data-driven programming algorithms. Also Q\\'Nial IDE, and Nial multiparadigm Data Engine programming embeddable interpreter. [Open Sour
  • Heron - Home site. Has brief description, specification, tutorial, related articles, download.
  • An Object Model for Multiparadigm Programming - Presented at OOPSLA 1994.
  • ELAN - Created 1974 by Technical University of Berlin group, multiparadigm as alternative languages to BASIC in teaching, for systematic multiparadigm programming, and related styles: languages top-down, bottom-up, recursive, modular, multiparadigm syntax-directed. Descriptions, brief resource list, documents. languages English, Deu
  • Multiparadigm Programming Group - At Leibniz Laboratory, Grenoble, France; research topics, news, languages publications, members. In English and Fran├žais.
  • Heron: Introducing The Heron Programming Language - Forum with many comments. [Slashdot]
  • Lfyre - General purpose, compiled; high performance, expressiveness, flexibility. Many programming features found languages in other languages, and extra features: programming creating new operators, keywords, languages programming paradigms. News, download. programming [SourceForge]
  • Concepts and Architecture of Vista: A Multiparadigm Programming Environment - Visual multiparadigm programming: visual + object-oriented (signal flow languages + data flow); from Proceedings of 10th IEEE/CS languages Symposium on Visual Languages, St. Louis, USA, 4-7 languages October 1994. Downloads: HTML, PS.
  • Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer - Weblog on language design issues, software development techniques, news, on programming Heron language, and similar languages like Java, C++.
  • ResearchIndex: From Competition to Amalgamation of Different Programming Paradigms - Describes basic elements (data, actions, tunings, voids, mixtures, languages ...) and principles of programming (stratification, implicit knowledge, languages limited freedom, ...), directed to amalgamating different programming languages paradigms (imperative, object-oriented, functi
  • Piccola: A Small Composition Language - PI based COmposition LAnguage: research language to explore programming the paradigm: programming Application = Components + Scripts. From programming the University of Berne.
  • Kx Systems, Inc. - Makes K, advanced vector oriented, functional language, one of the programming fastest application development environments (according to Bell Laboratories Benchmarking), and programming allows very fast processing of large datasets.

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