Functional Logic Logic-based Languages Programming

Multiparadigm declarative programming language seamlessly merges functional, logic, and concurrent programming paradigms; covers the most important operational principles in the area of integrated functional logic languages.

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See Also:
  • ALF - Foundation: Horn clause logic with equality which consists functional logic of predicates and Horn clauses for logic programming, functional logic and functions and equations for functional programming. A functional logic full integration of both programming models, so any functional logic functional expression can be use
  • LPG - Generic functional logic language: functions defined by conditional rewrite rules, functional logic predicates defined by Horn clauses whose bodies may contain equations, functional logic disequations, or classical atomic formulae. Extant version uses extension of functional logic SLD-resolution merged wi
  • Curry - Multiparadigm declarative programming language seamlessly merges functional, logic, logic-based and concurrent logic-based programming paradigms; covers the most important logic-based operational principles in the logic-based area of integrated functional logic-based logic languages.
  • BABEL - Operational semantics based on lazy narrowing; provides some higher-order features.
  • Functional Logic Programming - Michael Hanus\'s pages on amalgamating functional and logic programming.
  • RELFUN - Relational-Functional Language: logic-programming language with call-by-value (eager) expressions of non-deterministic, languages non-ground functions; clauses are Hornish, succeeding with true(s), or footed, languages returning any value(s), and define operations (relations
  • HAL - Strongly typed, weakly moded, constraint-logic functional language designed functional logic to languages support construction, extension, and use of new functional logic constraint solvers.
  • Escher - Declarative, general-purpose language, merges best features of functional functional logic and functional logic logic languages. Has types and modules, higher-order functional logic and meta-programming functional logic facilities, declarative input/output. Set of system functional logic modules provides many functional logic operations on standard data t

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