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Functional language in which types are first class values. Normal functions returning types reproduce the features of template classes of other languages. Links to many projects around the world based on Aldor.

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  • Afnix Programming Language - A multi-threaded functional programming language with dynamic symbol programming bindings which provides a state of art runtime programming engine for 32- and 64-bit platform and a programming rich set of platform independent libraries, compatible with programming C++ runtime operations, automatic prot
  • Tutorial Papers in Functional Programming - John Hughes' list of FP-related tutorials and courses.
  • Aldor - Functional language in which types are first class values. Normal functions returning types reproduce the features of template classes of other languages. Links to many projects around the world based on Aldor.
  • Hope - A small functional programming language, with polymorphic typing, languages algebraic types, pattern matching and higher-order functions.
  • Q Equational Programming Language - An extensible functional programming language based on the languages term rewriting programming calculus.
  • Functional Programming in the Real World - Lists functional programs written primarily to perform to functional real-world tasks. functional Has pure programs (no side effects) functional and impure (some use functional of side effects). Languages: functional Caml, Clean, Erlang, Haskell, Miranda, Scheme, functional Standard ML.
  • Joy - Pure functional language based on function composition rather than application; concatenative language, very like Forth, inputs and outputs stacks, but with higher-level data types and sound mathematical foundation. [Open Source, BSD]
  • Why Functional Programming Matters - John Hughes paper, dates from 1984, circulated as a Chalmers programming memo.
  • Lemon - Functional language with inductive and coinductive types. Based on simply-typed lambda calculus augmented with sums, products, and mu and nu constructors for least (inductive) and greatest (coinductive) solutions to recursive type equations.
  • CDuce - An XML centric programming language with higher order, semantic subtyping, pattern matching and overloading, and open source implementation.
  • FISh - A novel functional language that claims to be faster than programming C in some cases.
  • Wadler: Monads - Information on monads and functional programming
  • Wikipedia: Functional Programming - Encyclopdia article including a definition, comparison, history, and functional examples.
  • ICFP 2002 - The 2002 International Conference on Functional Programming covers functional the entire languages spectrum of functional programming, from practice functional to theory, and from languages established functional programming languages functional (Scheme, ML, Haskell) to novel language languages designs and functional to the fun
  • NESL: A Parallel Programming Language - Parallel functional language developed at Carnegie Mellon, SCandAL languages project. Most important new ideas: nested data parallelism, languages language based performance model.
  • Charity - Functional, categorical language, by University of Calgary, Canada. languages Innovative organization: based on theory of strong categorical languages datatypes divided into 2 subclasses: inductive (built up languages by constructors in the familiar way), and coinductive languages (broken down
  • - Resources for Functional Programming - A variety of research resources on functional programming languages, implementation, functional and applications of functional programming languages.
  • The Pizza Compiler - Java extension with functional features: generics (parametric polymorphism), functional function pointers functional (first-class (higher-order) functions), class cases and functional pattern matching (algebraic (data)types).
  • The Unlambda Programming Language - A functional language designed for obscurity
  • The Rise of Functional Languages - Brief article, explains what they are, and how and why languages their popularity is growing; with links and reader comments. Linux languages Journal.
  • Cayenne - A Haskell-like language with a powerful type system based on dependent types.
  • PLAN: A Packet Language for Active Networks - Resource-bounded functional language that uses a form of programming remote procedure call to realize active networking. Part programming of the SwitchWare Project. Descriptions, documents, downloads, contacts, programming links.
  • Arbol - Functional language developed mainly for Genetic Programming experiments. Inspired by ideas of other small, esoteric languages (Unlambda, Lazy K, Joy, Iota, Zot, ...), and pure functional Haskell.
  • FAQ for comp.lang.functional - Offers documentation as a frequently asked questions list. Also provides links to general topic, technical and other resources.
  • Links: Linking Theory to Practice for the Web - Functional language to solve impedance mismatch problem by languages using one functional language for all 3 tiers of languages web programming: front-end browser, functional middle-tier server, back-end database; languages people, mail lists, papers, talks, wiki, functional downloads.
  • Cat - Functional stack-based language inspired by Joy; main differences: Cat has static typing with type inferencing (like ML, Haskell), and term rewriting macro language extension language, MetaCat. Open-source, public domain.
  • OPAL Project - Researches programming environment where advanced language concepts and languages formal development methods are used to make production-quality languages software. Strongly typed, higher-order, strict, pure FL; so languages can be classed with ML, Haskell, and other languages modern FLs. But a
  • Eden - Parallel functional language to program reactive systems and programming parallel algorithms using distributed memory. Extends Haskell, but programming overrules lazy evaluation whenever needed to support parallelism.
  • What the Hell are Monads? - Basic introduction to monads, monadic programming, and I/O.
  • Mondrian - A simple functional scripting language for Internet applications.
  • Rita Loogen - Member of Eden team. Articles.
  • Functional Programming - Claus Reinke's , well organized bookmarks on FP.
  • BitC Language Specification - BitC is a systems programming language that combines the low functional level nature of C with the semantic rigor of Scheme functional or ML.

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